Rings of Honor

Rings of Honor
The Duels

The dueling sports are widely popular in Rhydin. They provide a venue for warriors to polish their combat skills or to settle disputes among one another in a civilized manner. The tides of political power in Rhydin are often dictated by those who control the various titles of these sports.

When your character engages in a duel with another character, you as the player engage in one of three matrix-based games with the other player. The purpose of these games is to enhance the role-play by guiding the action. They also provide a depth of competition nonexistent in dice-rolling games, and as a player you will feel more engaged in the role-play as you try to anticipate the other player's moves, much like your character will be trying to anticipate the opposing character.

A matrix-based game is a 1-vs-1 game where both players select one move from an established list of moves, and neither player knows which move the other player has selected until both moves are revealed simultaneously. Each move on the list is predetermined to defeat some moves and to lose out to others, and these move interactions stay constant. If you were to draw a grid and list all the moves down one side and list them again across the top, you could fill in each square where two moves intersect with the winning move—this would be the matrix for that game.

Chances are you are already familiar with a matrix-based game called rock-paper-scissors. Both players choose one of the three available moves—rock, paper, or scissors—and compare them simultaneously to see who wins. The matrix for this game would look like this:

RockNo PointsPaper ScoresRock Scores
PaperPaper ScoresNo PointsScissors Scores
ScissorsRock ScoresScissors ScoresNo Score

Each sport in Rings of Honor has its own list of moves, and each move can be compared to any other move in the list to come up with a score. Like rock beats scissors but not paper, in Duel of Fists the move Jab will beat an Uppercut, but not a Flip.

Duel of Swords Duel of Fists Duel of Magic
Low Cut
High Cut
Stop Hit
Circular Parry
Lateral Parry

Mind Whip
Wizard Blades
Fear Touch
Foul Fog
Meteor Shower
Arctic Blast
Nether Ray*
Elemental Fury*

*Must be earned by gaining rank.

When successful your move earns you either a point or a half-point. In Duel of Fists, you earn "advantages" instead of half-points, which when scored in two consecutive rounds convert into a point. It takes a minimum of five points with a one-point lead to win.

During regular hours, duels are limited to 15 rounds. At the end of 15 rounds, a player with a one-point lead or greater in a Duel of Swords or Magic duel is given the win; a Duel of Fists player must also have a minimum of 5 points to be given the win. Otherwise the duel ends in a tie. There is no round limit for special events. Duels will go on as long as they have to in order to determine a winner.

To get started, you will need an opponent. Once you've found one, notify the DUEL official on duty, and he or she will soon usher you both to begin. A window will pop up asking you to select your move for round 1. Once you have submitted your move, the official will compare your move to your opponent's and announce the results in the chat room, after which you can send in your move for the next round. You may not use a move twice in a row, with the exception of Disengage in Duel of Swords.

When role-playing out duels, remember the game, its matrix and list of moves are out-of-character constructs. That means your character has no knowledge of it—to them a duel is an intense sporting match. It also means that, just because you choose a High Cut, your character's action isn't limited to a plain old high cut—it can be much more, and can vary signficantly in how its played with each time you use it, so be creative.

For more details on Duel of Swords, Fists, or Magic, click on the Game Guide link under the sport's menu.

You now know all you need to know to start dueling in any sport. Good luck!

Additional Resources

The Dueling Zone provides a single-player practice game for Duel of Swords under its Games section, as well as copies of matrices for all three sports under Caller Tools.