Rings of Honor

Rings of Honor
The Red Opal

Minor Power - Firebuilding: This power can create small amounts of fire no bigger then an average cook-fire. The flame can be projected up to a range of about five feet. It can be used to burn through ropes, light cigars, or heat a section of the room.

Major Power - Flamestrike: This gives the user the ability to create a large force of flame that can encircle his or her body. Punching forward with the intensity of this flame can possibly cause damage to one's opponent.

At the end of Diamond Quest XI, a new rank came into being in the Outback. The six that placed highest among the seventeen competitors took home gems that night, only one of them was the coveted diamond.

There has been speculation far and wide about what the opals actually are, or what purpose or power they serve. All we know for sure is that it is a highly competitive title among those in the Duel of Fists, obtained only by those willing to pit their skills against the best of the best.

Duelist Date Acquired Notes
Ulath ni Fici 10-11-97 10-11-97

Placing second in DQ XI, Ulath chose the red opal, FireStar.


Defended against Tarl Cabot.

Ralez Rastlin 06-25-98 06-25-98

Both Ralez and Falablah Dalegate made challenges to Ulath, but since Ralez made his first, his was honored. Oddly, Ulath never showed for the duel, so it was declared that the two challengers should fight for the opal. Ralez took two matches without answer from Falablah, claiming FireStar.


Defended against Imp

Avery Shiv Blade 09-21-98 09-21-98

Sucessfully challenged Ralez for FireStar.


Defended against Andrew Forcer.


For undocumented reasons, Avery gave FireStar away.

Harris D'Artainian 02-20-99 02-20-99

Won an opal quest to claim FireStar.

Avery Shiv Blade 06-06-99 06-06-99

Sucessfully challenged Harris for FireStar.


Avery takes the Diamond and releases his hold on the red rock.

Harris D'Artainian 08-17-99 08-17-99

The title became vacant again as Avery ascended to Diamond. Harris once more stepped up to take it home a second time through Opal Quest.

Tareth Thorn 01-15-00 01-15-00

His challenge unanswered, Tareth gained control of FireStar by default.

Avery Shiv Blade 02-02-00 02-02-00

Sucessfully challenged Tareth for his third term as FireStar's holder.

Alexandria Wells 05-21-00 05-21-00

As Avery took the diamond, his opal went vacant. Ria went undefeated in the quest to claim FireStar.


Defended against Bode Bojangles.

Beck Weller 06-28-00 06-28-00

Beck managed to severely injure Ria during the course of their challenge, and he disappeared with the opal shortly after. The stone remained missing for nearly two years, though many fought for just the title.

Jeremy 05-05-01 05-05-01

At the end of DQ XXV, the Outback staff decided that the three highest finishers of the Diamond Quest should receive rights to the vacant opal titles. Jeremy, finishing fifth, gained the right to quest for the missing FireStar and lay claim to the title should he retrieve it.

Alexandria Wells-Graziano 06-22-01 06-22-01

Sucessfully challenged Jeremy for the right to hold the still missing FireStar.


Defended against Ralez Raistlin.

Neraster Fangrin 08-04-02 08-04-02

As Ria ascended to the title of Diamond, the opal title went vacant. Neraster struggled against the odds to win an opal quest to claim the title. After the tournament, Tareth presented the actual opal to him, having returned from recovering it that morning.

Tim Enralyte 09-08-02 09-08-02

Sucessfully challenged Neraster for the right to hold FireStar.

Anubis Karos 09-27-02 09-27-02

Successfully challenged Tim for the right to hold FireStar, shortly after posting a public notice of his intent to use Firestar for harm's sake and waiving his grace period.


Defended against Manni Cohai.

Stick 11-07-02 11-07-02

Successfully challenged Anubis for the right to hold FireStar.

Chris Graziano 01-15-03 01-15-03

Sucessfully challenged Stick for the rights to Firestar, winning in two.

Dominic Fetzer 02-05-03 02-05-03

Sucessfully challenged Chris, winning in two.


Dom would later abdicate the opal title and leave the Outback, asking to be removed from the register for unknown reasons.

Dizzy Flores 07-07-03 07-07-03

Placing second in the Third Intergender War, Dizzy took home the destructive red opal.

Anubis Karos 10-19-03 10-19-03

Chris Graziano issued a challenge to Dizzy to defend FireStar. When no reply was made, the opal was held forfiet. Chris refused to take a prize unearned, so it went to the second runner-up of Diamond Quest XXXV, Anubis.


Defended against Ticallion Carter in two


Defended against Max Quinlan Blue, a three-duel match where Anubis was fined and penalized for excessive brutality.


Defended against Gork in three.

Ticallion Carter 06-16-04 06-16-04

Ticallion defeated Anubis in 2 straight duels to claim FireStar.

Anubis Karos 10-15-04 10-15-04

Not content with losing FireStar, Anubis challenges Ticallion back and defeats him to reclaim the opal.


Defended against Gork


Defended against Maetel


Defended against Gork (again)

Jigglypuff 08-18-05 08-18-05

Jigglypuff defeated Anubis in 2 straight duels to claim FireStar.

Mur Ollavan 06-13-06 06-13-06

Mur Ollavan beats up the pink puffball (5-2 and 5-3) to claim the Opal.

Anubis Karos 04-09-07 04-09-07

Anubis Karos challenged Mur for FireStar. When Mur and Anubis were unable to meet Koyliak was appointed to defend the Opal for Anubis' challenge (see note on 4-1-07). Anubis defeated Koy to claim FireStar.


Defended against Dizzy Flores.


Defended against Bran Bale.


Defended against Artemus Kurgen.


Defended against Cory Havoick.


Defended against Vincent Smith.


Defended against Max Blue.


Defended against Maetel.


Defended against Vincent Smith.


Defended against Lydia Loran.

Ticallion Carter 10-20-09 10-20-09

In retaliation to being challenged for his barony, Ticallion challenged Anubis for Firestar, making this the first time in over a year in which any Emerald has challenged Anubis for this Opal. This was Anubis' tenth time defending the opal in a row, but not a successful defense. Ticallion won the first (and only) two matches of this challenge to win FireStar from Anubis, being the first person to wrest it from his control in over two long years.


Defended against Pslyder.

Anubis Karos 05-12-10 05-12-10

Anubis Karos challenged Ticallion Carter for FireStar. Anubis defeated Tical in two straight duels to claim FireStar.

Mur Ollavan 10-19-10 10-19-10

Mur Ollavan challenged Anubis Karos for FireStar. Mur succeeded in defeating Anubis in two straight duels despite being surrounded by lava.


Defended against Tasslehofl Momus in two straight duels.

Anubis Karos 02-13-11 02-13-11

Anubis Karos challenged Mur Ollovan and, less than 4 months after losing the opal, re-gained FireStar after three matches.

Marcus Lianno 04-25-11 04-25-11

Marcus Lianno challenged Anubis Karos and in two straight duels (5-2 in 10 and 5-4 in 9) claimed FireStar as his own.


Defended against Tasslehofl Momus in two straight duels.


Defended against Jaycy Ashleana in two straight duels.

Gork 10-03-11 10-03-11

Gork challenged Marcus Lianno, and in two straight duels (both of which went to SUDDEN DEATH) won FireStar.

Anubis Karos 11-14-11 11-14-11

Anubis gave challenge to Gork, and after losing the first duel (5-2), came back to win the next two duels (5-3 and 5-4) to claim the Opal.

Candy Hart 11-21-11 11-21-11

Candy Hart wasted no time in challenging Anubis' recent claim on FireStar, and wrested the opal from him after two straight duels (5-2 and 5-2).


Defended against Sarah by winning two duels out of three.


Defended against Anubis Karos by winning two duels straight duels.


Defended against Ria Graziano by winning two out of three duels (3-5, 5-2, 5-4).


12-12-12 - Defended against Seirichi in an impromptu late night challenge. Candy won the 1st duel after sudden death, lost the 2nd, and came back to win the 3rd after sudden death as well. (5-4, 1-5, 6-5).

Rakeesh Sah Tarna 05-20-13 05-20-13

Rakeesh challenged Candy for the Opal, and succeeded in beating her in the best-of-three (5-1, 4-5, 5-0) to claim the Opal.

Jake Thrash 07-15-13 07-15-13

Jake Thrash, as part of the Hydra 2.0 tournament, challenged Rakeesh for the Fire Opal. Settled in 2 duels (5-2 in 8 and 5-4 in 11) the half-orc claimed the Opal as his own, and joined a rare few to have held every title in the Outback.


Defended against Kheldar Drasinia by winning two straight duels (5-2, 5-1). This was the second year in a row Kheldar challenged Jake for an Opal during the Hydra Cup tournament.


Defended against Clarice Queen after three hard fought duels. (5-2, 4-5, 5-2)


Surrended the Opal after winning Diamond Quest LXXV.

Vanion Shadowcast 10-30-13 10-30-13

Vanion won the Red Opal by winning the Masquerade Brawl.


Defended against Melanie Rostol in two staight duels (5-4 in 13, 5-3 in 10)

Matt Simon 01-13-14 01-13-14

Matt challenged Vanion almost immediately after Seirichi rescinded her challenge. Matt defeated Vanion in two straight duels (5-2 in 9 and 5-3 in 12) to claim FireStar.

Jaycy Alexander 02-10-14 02-10-14

Jaycy (intent upon thwarting Anubis' plans to challenge) challenged and defeated Matt in two straight duels (5-3 in 9, 5-4 in 8) to claim the Red Opal.

Harris D'Artainian 02-25-14 02-25-14

Jaycy waived grace (to anyone save Anubis) and was quickly challenged by Harris. Harris defeated Jaycy in two straight duels (both 5-3 in 8) to claim FireStar.


Defended against Clarice Queen in two staight duels (5-4 in 11, 5-3 in 9)


Defended against Lila Farron-D'Artainian in two staight duels (5-1 in 7, 5-1 in 6), and then promptly waived grace to taunt Anubis into challenging.

Anubis Karos 05-02-14 05-02-14

Taunted into challenging by Harris, who waived grace, Anubis challenged and did fight Harris for the Red Opal. Anubis took the first fairly easily, but Harris put up a better fight in the second, which forced the duelers into a third duel. Anubis got the lead, but then Harris tied it up at 3 all, before Anubis succeeded in landing two more points to take the win. When Anubis asked for the Opal, Harris responded that he'd thrown it into the ocean. Anubis promised retribution. (5-2 in 7, 3-5 in 9, 5-3 in 8)


Defended against Jaycynda Alexander by winning a best of three (5-0 in 7, 3-5 in 7, 5-3 in 11).


Stripped of the title due to inactivity.

Charlie Nine 08-03-14 08-03-14

Charlie teamed up with Mori Kyo to win a joint FireStar/Panther's Claw tournament, and claimed the Opal as his prize.


Charlie's first challenge came from Anubis. There was a bit of a scheduling mishap that nearly had thing invalidated, but eventually the challenge went through with Charlie defedning in 3 bouts. (2-5,5-4,5-3).


Charlie lost the rock... or did he? Dizzy Flores took 2 of 3 bouts in this challenge (2-5, 5-2, 5-2), but upon review the staff found that between the date she had called Charlie out and the date they met in the ring, Dizzy had fallen into inactivity. The match was voided and the opal returned to Charlie.


The next challenge came from Melanie Rostol and found Charlier at the top of his game. He won this in straight sets, 5-3 and 5-4.


Charlie emerged victorious in DQ LXXXII, leaving the Opal vacant.

Gren Blockman 09-20-15 09-20-15

The Ice & Fire Event held to award a vacant IceDancer and FireStar saw Gren win the 8 person invitational and claim the red rock.

Lilith ex Secundi 10-04-15 10-04-15

Lilith was the first to challenge Gren and claimed the red rock in 3 bouts. 5-4, 1-5, 5-1.


Challenged by Apple, but the Two Time Diamond later rescinds.


Dizzy Flores challenges and follows through, but Lilith comes out ontop in a close one! 5-2, 2-5, 5-4

Hope Naharis 04-21-16 04-21-16

After her time as the 84th Diamond, Hope went after Lilith and claimed the red rock in 3 bouts. 4-5, 5-1, 5-4.


Defends against Charlie Nine in 2 straight bouts (5-1 in 5, 5-4 in 13) during a dual challenge night where both FireStar and IceDancer were fought over.

Andreas "Apple" Anderson 07-08-16 07-08-16

Despite dropping the first bout 5-3 to Hope, Andrea rallied to win the final two 5-3 and 5-2 to claim the opal.

Charlie Nine 08-25-16 08-25-16

In two close bouts, Charlie reclaims the opal he considers 'his'. 5-3 in 10 and 5-4 in 13.


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