Rings of Honor

Rings of Honor
The Blue Opal

Minor Power - (De)Hydrate: This power can control small amounts of water (no more then five gallons) and cause it either to appear or disappear at will. Water could be used for drinking, a distraction, or to be dumped on someone's head.

Major Power - Ice Form: The user of Icedancer's major power has the ability to control the structure of their own body so it becomes as hard as ice. Useful for either offensive or defensive attacks. Use of this power also has the drawback of greatly reducing the speed of the user, leaving them open for possible counterattack.

At the end of Diamond Quest XI, a new rank came into being in the Outback. The six that placed highest among the seventeen competitors took home gems that night, only one of them was the coveted diamond.

There has been speculation far and wide about what the opals actually are, or what purpose or power they serve. All we know for sure is that it is a highly competitive title among those in the Duel of Fists, obtained only by those willing to pit their skills against the best of the best.

Duelist Date Acquired Notes
Nova Shayde 10-11-97 10-11-97

Placing fourth in DQ XI, Nova chose the blue opal, IceDancer.

Shannon Kimberly Colton 03-24-98 03-24-98

Sucessfully challenged Nova for IceDancer.


Defended against Roland Sal Roa in what is believed to be the longest opal battle in history, with a finishing score of 7-8.


Shannon attempted to destroy the blue opal at DQ XIV, leading to its disappearance and creating a historic scandal.

Bane 02-16-99 02-16-99

Once the opal had been recovered, very few sought the tainted reputation that came with it. Bane claimed it in an opal quest, going undefeated in hopes of once more bringing honor to the title of the blue opal holder.

Dizzy Flores 11-10-99 11-10-99

Once more there was a quest for the infamous opal after Bane left the rank to become the diamond. This time the soldier Dizzy laid claim to it, also going undefeated.

Daelin Dragonsblade 02-20-00 02-20-00

Daelin sucessfully challenged Dizzy and claimed IceDancer, only the second to do so through process of challenge.


Defended against Tareth Thorn.


Defended against Alexandria Wells.


Defended against Dizzy Flores.

Tareth Thorn 08-09-01 09-09-01

Sucessfully challenged Daelin for IceDancer.


In a rare turn of events, Tareth issued a challenge to all the emeralds to come and try to take his opal. He wouldn't be taking advantage of the 30 day grace period between challenges. He defended it sucessfully against three emeralds before someone finally beat him; First up was Magnus Highborn


Janella Vallonia was second.


Jaycy Ashleana was third.

Jake Thrash 10-16-01 10-16-01

Jake was tricked by Tareth into fighting for the opal, but reluctantly took it anyhow.


Defended against Dizzy Flores.

Chris Graziano 05-05-02 05-05-02

Sucessfully challenged Jake for BeerCooler.


Defended against Stick.

Harris D'Artainian 06-05-02 06-05-02

Sucessfully challenged Chris for IceDancer.


Defended against Xerzes Maureen.


Defended against Anubis Karos.


Harris instituted an open challenge night, where any eligible emerald could come and take a crack at his title. Three tried tried before one finally succeeded. Xerzes Maureen was the first.


Defended against Dominic Fetzer, the second challenger.

Manni Cohai 12-10-02 12-10-02

Manni was the third challenger to step up to Harris' open challenge, finally besting the brawler to become IceDancer's newest holder.

Alexandria Graziano 01-04-03 01-04-03

Sucessfully challenged Manni for Icedancer, winning the opal in two concecutive overtime duels.

Grayson MacLeod 01-25-03 01-25-03

Sucessfully challenged Ria for Icedancer, winning the opal in three duels.

Anubis Karos 03-22-03 03-22-03

Sucessfully challenged Grayson for Icedancer, winning the opal in three duels.

Cory Havoick 04-29-03 04-29-03

Sucessfully challenged Anubis for the blue opal, winning in two concisive duels, as he had publicly promised on the cork.

Gork 08-27-03 08-27-03

Despite being a relative newcomer to the sport, Gork took the blue opal from Cory in two duels.


Grayson MacLeod immediately challenged Gork on the grounds that the opal holder hit an unarmed lady. However, he would fail to champion this cause and lose to Gork in three duels.


Grayson challenges Gork again, losing in three.


Third time is not the charm; Grayson challenges Gork again, losing in two.


Defended against Cory Havoick in two.


Defended against Tim Enralyte in two.

Dizzy Flores 01-07-04 01-07-04

Gork holds an "open challenge night" and invites anyone eligible to challenge for Icedancer. Dizzy Flores is the first to take up the challenge - and the last. She wins in three duels.

Xerzes Maureen 04-27-04 04-27-04

After 8 consecutive unsuccessful challenges, Xerzes challenges Dizzy for IceDancer one more time and wins in two duels, earning his first opal.


Defended against Max Blue.


Given up after winning Diamond.

Jigglypuff 11-03-04 11-03-04

Jigglypuff came out on top of the Masquerade Brawl to claim IceDancer.


Defended against Mur Ollavan.

Farek 04-18-05 04-18-05

Farek defeated Jigglypuff 2 duels to 1 to claim IceDancer as his own.


Defended against Pslyder.


Retired his claim to the Opal.

Gork 09-29-05 09-29-05

Gork became the holder of IceDancer after placing second in the Summer Solstice tournament.


Defended against Cas Maximius.

Vincent Smith 05-25-06 05-25-06

Vincent Smith defeated Gork in two straight duels (5-3 in 12, and 5-3 in 9) to claim IceDancer.

Anubis Karos 08-29-06 08-29-06

Anubis defeated Vincent Smith in two straight duels (5-3 in 10, and 5-3 in 7) to claim IceDancer.

Grayson MacLeod 10-15-06 10-15-06

Anubis Karos offered an open challenge to anyone interested in trying to take IceDancer from him. Grayson MacLeod stepped forward as the first challenger and succeeded in defeating Anubis (5-3 in 11, and 5-4 in 10) to become the new holder of IceDancer.


Defended against Vinny Smith.


Defended against Anubis Karos.

Harris D'Artainian 04-01-07 04-01-07

Harris gave challenge to Grayson for IceDancer, and Harris defeated Grayson in two straight duels to become the new holder.


Defended against Bran Bale.


Harris retired his claim to IceDancer.

Erasmus al' Mandragor 07-27-08 07-27-08

After being abandoned by Harris D'Artainian, this Opal was put up as a prize in the 2008 Tag Team Tournament. Erasmus emerged victorious to claim this Opal as his own.


Failing to respond to a challenge issued by Dizzy Flores, IceDancer was retired from his care.

Dizzy Flores 08-02-09 08-02-09

As first place winner of the Fourth InterGender War, Dizzy Flores was awarded this Opal as her prize.

Sartan 01-20-10 01-20-10

Sartan beat Dizzy in two of three matches to claim IceDancer for his own.


In besting the entire field of Diamond Quest 61, Sartan gave up his hold of IceDancer for that of Diamond.

Matthew Algiers Simon 06-23-10 06-23-10

Matthew Simon took hold of IceDancer, coming out on top of an eight-dueler tournament field.


Defended against Tasslehofl Momus, winning two duels to none.


Defended against Tasslehofl Momus, winning two duels to one.


Defended against Wyheree, winning two duels to one.


Defended against Mur Ollavan, winning two duels to one.


Defended against Wyheree, winning two straight duels.


Defended against Mur Ollavan, winning two straight duels.


Defended against Mur Ollavan (again), winning two straight duels (5-1 and then 5-0).


Defended against Ria Graziano, winning two straight duels (5-4 and then 5-3).


Defended against King, winning two of three duels (1-5 in 7, 5-3 in 8, and then 5-1 in 7).


Defended against Anubis Karos, winning two of straight duels (5-4 in 10 and 5-4 in 11). First successful defense of an Opal 10 times in a row.


Defended against Rakeesh Sah Tarna, winning two of three duels (5-4 in 14, 2-5 in 6, and 5-4 in 9). New record of 11 Opal defenses.


Defended against Mur Ollavan, winning two of three duels (5-3 in 9, 3-5 in 8, and finally a shut-out 5-0 in 7). Upping the record to 12 Opal defenses.

Nayun 08-20-13 08-20-13

Nayun defeated Matt in two straight matches (5-3 in 8 and 5-0 in 7) to end his historic Opal reign at 1155 days and 12 consecutive defenses.


Defended against Rena Cronin, winning two duels to one (5-1, 5-6, 5-3).


Defended against Anubis Karos, winning two duels to one (4-5, 5-3, 5-2).


Defended against Xanth, winning two duels to one (5-4, 2-5, 5-2).

Melanie Rostol 12-02-13 12-02-13

Melanie offered a challenged to Nayun, if Nayun was willing to waive grace. Nayun waived grace, and the two duelers fought the same evening. Melanie walked away with the opal after two straight wins. (5-3 in 8, 5-4 in 8)

Lilly Hyde 12-29-13 12-29-13

Lilly, recipient of a challenge grant for winning the "Tournament of Challengers", challenged and defeated Melanie to claim the Blue Opal. (6-5 in 11, 3-5 in 8, and 5-3 in 11)


Defended against Clarice Queen in two straight duels (5-4 in 11, 5-3 in 7).


Defended against Anubis Karos in two straight duels (6-5 in 14, 5-2 in 7).


Defended against Charlie Nine in two straight duels (5-1 in 9, 5-4 in 9).


Stripped of the title due to falling below the minimum wins over losses requirement.

Jin "Jenny" Chae 07-27-14 07-27-14

Jenny laid claim to the Opal after defeating a field of 9 other Emeralds in a Fists Only specialty tournament.


G'nort took a shot at the blue rock, but Jenny drops him in three bouts. (5-1, 4-5, 5-4).


Jenny retires IceDancer on the anniversary of winning it.

Andrea "Apple" Anderson 09-10-15 09-10-15

IceDancer and FireStar became prizes in the Ice & Fire Spectacular tournament. Apple took first place in the duel points portion of the contest and selected the blue rock.

Shale 10-09-15 09-10-15

Shale was the first to challenge Apple and the warlock's skeletal minion made quick work of the incumbent, winning 5-1 and 5-3.

Hope Naharis 12-16-15 12-16-15

In a pair of sudden death, 5-4 in 10, finishes, Hope took the rock from the warlock.


Hope came out on top of a 6 person field to win DQ LXXXIV, leaving IceDancer vacant.

Andrea Anderson 04-03-16 04-03-15

Vacant since DQ LXXIV, the blue rock became the consolation prize in DQ LXXXV and was picked up by Apple, while Harris took top prize.

Jenny Chae 05-14-16 05-14-15

Jenny took the blue rock from Apple in 3 bouts, (5-3, 1-5, 5-3) during a double challenge event in which both FireStar and IceDancer were fought over.


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