Rings of Honor

Rings of Honor
The Yellow Opal

Minor Power - Levitate: The user can levitate small objects. Couches and tables are not small objects but glasses, coins, etc., are. The user will be able to use this power to bring items to them instead of having to go over and get what they want.

Major Power - Feathertouch: The user of Moonberyl's power has the ability to "feathertouch." In essence, things that normally weigh a lot (like the resident orc) will seem rather light. Flipping people becomes much easier as does the ability to pick them up without great exertion. However, if the user loses concentration, they may cause themselves to fall or end up off balance, as things will seem their normal weight once again.

At the end of Diamond Quest XI, a new rank came into being in the Outback. The six that placed highest among the seventeen competitors took home gems that night, only one of them was the coveted diamond.

There has been speculation far and wide about what the opals actually are, or what purpose or power they serve. All we know for sure is that it is a highly competitive title among those in the Duel of Fists, obtained only by those willing to pit their skills against the best of the best.

Duelist Date Acquired Notes
Imp 10-11-97 10-11-97

Placing fifth in DQ XI, Imp chose the yellow opal, MoonBeryl as his prize.


Defended against Malefestra.

Ryan Mercury 11-09-97 11-09-97

Sucessfully challenged Imp for MoonBeryl.

Jeff Oakenshield 02-06-98 02-06-98

Going undefeated in an opal quest, Jeff claimed MoonBeryl.

Dexter Montoya 04-18-98 04-18-98

When Jeff won the DQ, his opal went vacant. Dexter was there to pick it up in the ensuing opal quest, narrowly defeating Tarl Cabot 5-4 in 14 rounds for the title.

Tarl Cabot 04-18-98 04-18-98

After the opal quest was over, Dexter offered a challenge to Tarl, who had fought so keenly for the gem. Accepting, Tarl handily defeated him twice, so Dexter forfietted the opal to his worthy opponent. Tarl proved himself able to defend the title many times over.


Defended against Kazakill.


Defended against Roland Sal Roa.


Defended against Andrew Forcer.


Defended against Andrew Forcer again.


Defended against Tareth Thorn.


Defended against Maetel Cat.

Dustin Manjahcapery 04-10-00 04-10-00

Sucessfully challenged Tarl for MoonBeryl, the first to do so for nearly two years.


Defended against Anubis Karos.


Defended against a creature known as Jigglypuff.

Casey Shiv Blade 05-05-01 05-05-01

At the end of DQ XXV, the Outback staff decided that the three highest finishers of the Diamond Quest should recieve rights to the vacant opal titles. MoonBeryl had been vacant since Dustin won the DQ a cycle previous, so Casey lay claim to the title by finishing sixth.


Defended against Xerzes Maureen.

Tareth Thorn 01-19-02 01-19-02

Sucessfully challenged Casey for MoonBeryl.


Defended against Magnus Highborn.

Casey Shiv Blade 06-07-02 06-07-02

Sucessfully challenged Tareth for Moonberyl.


Defended against Xerzes Maureen.

Bode Bojangles 11-17-02 11-17-02

Casey, unwilling or unable to defend the opal, surrendered it to Matthew, who decided to award it to the challenger Bode without contest.


Bode would then shortly go on to win the diamond and leave the opal title vacant once again.

Anubis Karos 07-07-03 07-07-03

Anubis took home the long-displaced opal after finishing first in the Third Intergender War.

Pslyder 08-20-03 08-20-03

The elf completed the first successful challenge for the yellow opal in nearly a year, winning in three duels.

Harris D'Artanian 12-02-03 12-02-03

Harris successfully wins in three duels to claim MoonBeryl.


Leaves the title vacant when he wins Diamond Quest XXXVI.

Tareth Thorn 02-08-04 02-08-04

A special Tag Team Tournament is held as an Opal tournament. The winning team of two will receive the vacant Opals - PathFinder and MoonBeryl. The unlikely team of Tareth Thorn and Cassius Maxim win the tournament with a 4-0 record. Tareth claims MoonBeryl.

Pslyder 04-06-04 04-06-04

Pslyder reclaims his favorite opal in two duels.

Cory Haviock 07-07-04 07-07-04

Cory defeats Pslyder in two straight duels to claim MoonBeryl.


Cory stripped of title for failing to respond to a challenge.

Ticallion Carter 01-09-05 01-09-05

Ticallion wins MegaBrawl Tourney to claim MoonBeryl.


Defended against Mur Ollavan.

Rakeesh Sah Tarna 04-18-05 04-18-05

Rakeesh defeats Ticallion 2 duels to 1 to claim MoonBeryl.

Dizzy Flores 09-28-05 09-28-05

Dizzy Flores defeats Rakeesh 2 duels to 1 to claim MoonBeryl.

Pslyder 10-25-05 10-25-05

Pslyder defeats Dizzy Flores 2 duels to 1 to claim MoonBeryl.

Ria Wells-Graziano 11-18-05 11-18-05

Ria defeats Pslyder in 2 straight duels to claim MoonBeryl.


Defended against Anubis Karos.


Retired her claim on the Opal.

Kalianna 04-11-06 04-11-06

Kalianna wins mixed Tag-Team event (with Dio who won the Panther's Claw) to claim MoonBeryl.


Defended against Xerzes Maureen.


Stripped of title as she was unable to achieve and maintain minimum WoL before end of cycle.

Koyliak 10-22-06 10-22-06

Koyliak, after coming in 2nd during Diamond Quest XLVII, won MoonBeryl as her prize.

Bran Bale 08-27-07 08-27-07

Bran challenges and defeats Koy in two straight duels to claim MoonBeryl.


Defended against Jigglypuff.


Forced to retire MoonBeryl upon becoming 54th Diamond.

Matt Simon 10-26-08 10-26-08

Awarded as a second place prize in the 55th Diamond Quest, Matt Simon took this Opal home with him for the first time in his career.


Forced to retire MoonBeryl upon becoming 60th Diamond.

Jake Thrash 03-21-10 03-21-10

Jake Thrash wins the 2nd ever Slugfest tourney to win MoonBeryl.

Sarah Matthews 11-21-10 11-21-10

Challenged and defeated Jake Thrash, two duels to one, to claim MoonBeryl.


Defended against Ria Graziano in 2 duels (5-3 in 5, 5-4 in 9).

Mur Ollavan 03-28-11 03-28-11

Mur Ollavan challenges and defeats Sarah in two straight duels (6-5 in 10, 5-4 in 12). Mur immediately waived any grace period.


Surrenders MoonBeryl after winning Diamond Quest LXV.

Artemus Kurgen 07-17-11 07-17-11

Awarded MoonBeryl as second place prize from Diamond Quest LXVI.


Defended against Tasselhofl Momus, winning 2-1.

Roderick Douglas 11-13-11 11-13-11

Roderick Douglas gave challenge to Artemus, and defeated him in two straight duels (5-3 and 5-1) to claim the opal.

Nayun 03-13-12 03-13-12

Challenged and defeated Roderick, two duels out of three (and winning both with shut-outs), to win, and then disavow her claim upon the opal.


Surrendered the opal.

Rachael Douglas 04-15-12 04-15-12

Rachael Douglas teamed up with Shadowlord for a joint MoonBeryl & Panther's Claw Tag-Team tourney. Emerging victorious at the end of the night, Rachael claimed the opal as her prize.

Jigglypuff 05-14-12 05-14-12

The puffball challenged and defeated Rachael, two duels out of three, to claim the opal.


Defended against Jaycy Ashleana, winning 2-1.


Defended against Mur Ollavan.

Koyliak 01-27-13 01-27-13

Koyliak challenged and defeated the creature known as Jigglypuff in two straight duels (5-2 in 6 and 5-4 in 10) to reclaim the Yellow Opal.


Defended against Rakeesh Sah Tarna, winning 2-1.


Defended against Andrea "Apple" Anderson, winning 2-1 (5-1 in 6, 4-5 in 10, and 6-5 in 12).

Terry King 08-28-13 08-28-13

King challenged and defeated Koy in three matches, winning the second and third, to claim the Opal.

Vincent Smith 12-17-13 12-17-13

Vinny challenged and defeated Terry in three matches, winning the first and third (5-2 in 7, 2-5 in 6, 5-4 in 13), to claim the Opal.

Andrea 'Apple' Anderson 01-10-14 01-10-14

Apple challenged and defeated Vinny in a best of three (5-3, 4-5, 5-3) to claim MoonBeryl.


Defended against Kimone Kidd in two straight duels (5-3 in 8, 5-4 in 10).


Defended against Claire Queen in two straight duels (5-2 in 7, 5-4 in 11).

Melanie Rostol 05-22-14 05-22-14

Melanie challenged and defeated Andrea in three matches, winning the first and third (5-1 in 8, 4-5 in 10, 5-4 in 9), to claim the Opal.

Gren Blockman 06-15-14 06-15-14

Gren "Brootman" Blockman challenged and defeated Melanie in three matches, winning the first and third (5-1 in 7, 4-5 in 8, 5-4 in 9), to claim the Opal.


Defended against Charlie Nine in a hard fought best of three (4-5 in 13, 5-4 in 9, 5-4 in 11).

Terry King 08-11-14 08-11-14

Terry challenged and defeated Gren in two straight matches (5-3 in 8, 5-1 in 8) to claim MoonBeryl.

Blue Bomber 10-27-14 10-27-14

Blue took the rock from King in two bouts, 5-2 and 5-1.


Kimone Kidd was the first to challenge Blue and took the first bout 5-4, but Blue came back to win the next two 5-4 in each.


Koyliak challenged at the turn of the new year as a way of meeting the young opal. Blue once again dropped the first bout (5-2) but came through in the two to follow; 5-1 and 5-4.


Rena Cronin took advantage of Blue's grace waiving and came with the quick challenge. Blue gained his 3rd defense and this time in straight sets; 5-2 and 5-3.

Hope Naharis 02-22-15 02-22-15

Hope gave Blue his fourth challenge, but there would be no 4th defense. Hope took the rock in consecutive bouts, 5-2 and 5-3.


Saieniel challenged Hope, apparently at the behest of Vanalla Dawnblade. Hope got the best of her in three bouts; 5-3, 1-5 and a brutal 6-5 finish to keep the rock.

Saieniel Dueth 04-06-15 04-06-15

Saieniel didn't waste any time in trying again and in their second dance Hope wasn't quiet up to the task. This one went to the challenger in two bouts; 5-4 and 5-3.


Sai's first challenge came from Kenny Chae for the young emeralds first ever challenge. Sai kept the rock in three bouts. (5-2, 4-5, 5-2).

Matt Simon 05-27-15 05-27-15

Matt Simon proved too much for Sai to handle and took the opal in three bouts (5-4, 2-5, 5-3) to secure his gods-only-know-how-many'th opal challenge win.

Claire Caelum 07-10-16 07-10-16

Claire was the first to challenge Matt, despite his holding the yellow rock for more than a year. She took him down in straight sets, 5-2 in 6 and 5-4 in 8.


Matt came looking to take the yellow rock back, but Claire had other plans. In three close fights she sent him packing. 5-4, 3-5, 5-4.


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