Rings of Honor

Rings of Honor
The Green Opal

Minor Power - Animation: This power can animate *small* plants (ones no bigger than ferns) to do the weilder's bidding. They could be used to heckle an opponent by distracting them or possibly to retrieve items, pass mugs of ale, etc., by using their fronds. This power is only useful for brief periods of time (again the larger the plant the less time you have to control it).

Major Power - Camouflage: The user of Pathfinder's major power has the ability to slip through walls or objects that are or were at one time animate. (i.e., The Opal could slip easily through a wooden wall or another dueler because they are living objects but they would not be able to pass through things such as stone or steel.) Also, if used at the wrong moment, it is possible for the user to miss on a winning strike or cause themselves a misstep and fall.

At the end of Diamond Quest XI, a new rank came into being in the Outback. The six that placed highest among the seventeen competitors took home gems that night, only one of them was the coveted diamond.

There has been speculation far and wide about what the opals actually are, or what purpose or power they serve. All we know for sure is that it is a highly competitive title among those in the Duel of Fists, obtained only by those willing to pit their skills against the best of the best.

Duelist Date Acquired Notes
Marzan DeBurgo 10-11-97 10-11-97

Placing third in DQ XI, Marzan chose the green opal, PathFinder as his prize.

Falablah Dalegate 04-04-98 04-04-98

His challenge unanswered, Fala gained control of PathFinder by default, though he later defended his right to hold it.


Defended against Ralez Rastlin.

Harris D'Artainian 05-23-98 05-23-98

Sucessfully challenged Fala for PathFinder.


Actual date unknow. Marzan issued challenge to reclaim the green rock on 07-21-98 and the opal next appears in an Opal quest two months later. The only hint comes from a note written by Walker, the eventual winner, indicating Harris failed to appear for the challenge.

Walker 09-26-98 10-03-98

Went undefeated in an opal quest to gain control of PathFinder.


Rather than face Falablah, Walker gives up the opal and retires

Falablah Dalegate 11-14-98 11-14-98

Walker retired, leaving the opal vacant, rather than defend against Fala. An Opal Quest was held and Fala won it there instead. to gain Pathfinder once more.


The precise date is unknown, nor is the action officially recorded, but Fala facing a decline in his own ability to be around the Outback handed over PathFinder to the officials during Diamond Quest XVII. (source: see Fala's story.)

Kelli Elan 06-12-99 06-12-99

Won an opal quest to gain Pathfinder.

Kheldar Drasinia 01-16-00 01-16-00

Sucessfully challenged Kelli for PathFinder.


Defended against Xerzes Maureen.

Anubis Karos 09-27-00 09-27-00

Sucessfully challenged Kheldar.


Defended against Xerzes Maureen.


Defended again against Xerzes Maureen.


Defended against Magnus Highborn.

Jonathon Ecorian Havoick 10-29-01 10-29-01

Sucessfully challenged Anubis.

Dustin Manjahcapery 12-13-01 12-13-01

Sucessfully challenged Cory to claim PathFinder.


Defended against Jaycy Ashleana.


Defended against Xerzes Maureen.


Defended against Anubis Karos.


Defended against Tareth Thorn

Tareth Thorn 12-01-02 12-01-02

Sucessfully challenged Dustin a second time to claim PathFinder, becoming the first duelist in Outback history to have held all five opals. list


Defended against Anubis Karos in two.


Defended against Grayson MacLeod in three.


Tareth would finally ascend to the title of Diamond and leave the green opal to tournament.

Angelina Darkling 11-24-03 11-24-03

Angelina Darkling wins Mega Brawl IV with four ejections, taking possession of Pathfinder.

Mur Olivan 12-15-03 12-15-03

Mur Olivan challenges Angelina for PathFinder and wins in two duels. He would retire the opal without explaination 35 days later.

Cassuis Maximus 02-08-04 02-08-04

A special Tag Team Tournament is held as an Opal tournament. The winning team of two received the vacant Opals - PathFinder and MoonBeryl. The unlikely team of Tareth Thorn and Cassius Maximius win the tournament with a 4-0 record. Cassius claims PathFinder.


Cass forced to give up the title when he drops below the minimum rank requirements to hold.

Alexandria Wells-Graziano 04-17-04 04-17-04

The XXXVII Diamond Quest occurs. Kheldar defeats Ria 5-0 in 5 in the title match to earn the Diamond. Ria and Harris are left to fight for PathFinder. Harris refuses to duel Ria on the grounds of her use of a hologram to fight. Ria takes PathFinder as her prize for second place.

Layne Jenkins 06-14-04 06-14-04

In an unscheduled challenge, Layne took on Ria, and defeated her 2 duels to 1, to take control of PathFinder.

Cassius Maximius 08-19-04 08-19-04

Cas wins PathFinder by defeating Layne in two straight duels.


Defended against Mur Ollavan.


Given up when he won the Diamond.

Kheldar Drasinia 05-14-05 05-14-05

Kheldar Drasinia comes on top of first-ever SlugFest tourney to claim PathFinder.


Defended against Dizzy Flores.

Anubis Karos 05-07-06 05-07-06

Anubis wins PathFinder by defeating Kheldar. No official results posted, so details unknown.


Defended against Farek.

Harris D'Artainian 05-23-06 05-23-06

Harris defeated Anubis in back to back sudden-death duels to claim the Opal from Anubis.


Defended against Dizzy Flores.

Dizzy Flores 12-22-06 12-22-06

Not satisfied with their last meeting, Dizzy challenged Harris again, and this time beat him in two straight duels, 5-4 in 9 and 5-4 in 10 to claim PathFinder.

Anjolie Quinn 03-01-07 03-01-07

Anjolie defeated Dizzy Flores in two out of three duels to claim the Opal from Dizzy.


Defended against Artemus Kurgen.


Defended against Jigglypuff.


Returned to the Outback after Anjolie's reported death.

Matt Simon 07-23-07 07-23-07

As 2nd place finisher in the 50th Diamond Quest, Matt Simon was given PathFinder as a prize.


Defended against Cassius Maximius.

Vincent Smith 07-29-08 07-29-08

Vincent defeated Matt in two out of three complete matches to claim PathFinder as his own.


Defended against Cassius Maximius.

Jaycy Ashleana 10-16-09 10-16-09

Jaycy defeated Vinny twice in a total of three matches to claim this Opal as her own.

Tasslehofl Momus 11-13-09 11-13-09

Using the Opal Challenge Grant awarded to him by Kheldar Drasinia in the 2009 Masquerade Brawl, Tasslehofl Momus challenges Jaycy Ashleana for the right to hold PathFinder, and defeats her in two of three complete consecutive matches.

Jigglypuff 12-07-09 12-07-09

The creature known as Jigglypuff defeated Tasslehofl Momus in a total of 2 out of 3 consecutive matches to claim Pathfinder. Let the record state that the creature known as Jigglypuff then promptly consumed the Opal for reasons yet unknown.

Jaycy Ashleana 01-07-10 01-07-10

Jaycy defeated the creature known as Jigglypuff in two out of a total of three complete matches to reclaim this Opal for the second time in her career.

Soerl Lute 06-15-10 06-15-10

Soerl defeated Jaycy in two of three bouts to take PathFinder.

Harris D'Artainian 07-28-10 07-28-10

Soerl held the green opal for a little over a month before Harris took it for his own, after emerging victorious in two of three matches.


Defended against Jaycy Ashleana, 2-1 match victory.


Defended against Jaycy Ashleana, two back-to-back duels 5-1 in 8, then 5-1 in 6.


Defended against Sarah, 2-1 match victory.


Defended against Sarah, 2-1 match victory.


Defended against Sarah (again!), 2-1 match victory.

Seirichi 12-12-11 12-12-11

Seirichi challenged and defeated Harris (2-1 in a best of 3) to end his 500+ day reign.


Surrendered the opal after winning DQ LXIX.

Jake Thrash 06-10-12 06-10-12

Jake won out over Ria, Mur, G, and Nayun in a Slugfest rules round-robin tourney. *Making it the second time Jake has won an opal via a Slugfest rules tourney.


Defended against Harris in 2 straight duels.

Kheldar 08-23-12 08-23-12

Kheldar challenged Jake for PathFinder during the Hydra tourney. Jake dominated the first duel, (5-2 in 6), but then Kheldar took the next two duels (5-4 in 8, and 5-4 in 8 again) to claim the Opal (and earn points for the Crew).

Harris D'Artainian 09-06-12 09-06-12

Harris wasn't able to beat Jake for PathFinder, but wasted no time challenging, and defeating (5-2 in 9, and 5-2 in 7), Kheldar for it.


Defended against G'nort in two straight duels during the 2013 Hydra Cup Tournament (5-2, 5-2).


Surrendered the Opal after winning DQ LXXIV.

Andrea "Apple" Anderson 08-25-13 08-25-13

Apple went undefeated in an 11 person Opal Tournament to claim the vacant PathFinder.


Defended against Clarice Queen in three duels (3-5, 5-3, 5-2).

Clarice Queen 11-08-13 11-08-13

Not content with her previous loss, Clarice Queen challenged Andrea "Apple" Anderson again. This time, Clarice won in dominating fashion in two straight duels, the latter being a perfect shut-out (5-2 in 7 and 5-0 in 5).

Gren Blockman 12-16-13 12-16-13

Gren, winner of a free challenge (from the 20th Anniversary Trivia Contest), challenged and defeated Clarice (5-3 in 8 and 5-4 in 9) to claim the green Opal.


Defended against Rena Cronin in three duels, the last of which was a close-fought sudden-death match (5-2, 2-5, 5-4).

Rakeesh Sah Tarna 03-18-14 03-18-14

Rakeesh Sah Tarna gave challenge to, and dominated, Gren to claim the Green Opal in 2 straight duels (5-2 in 8 and 5-2 in 6).


Defended against Claire Farron in two straight duels (5-3 in 6, 5-3 in 8).

Vincent Smith 06-12-14 06-12-14

Vinny gave challenge to Rakeesh, and defeated him in two straight duels (both 5-1, the first in 9 rounds, the second in 7) to claim PathFinder.

Harris D'Artainian 06-24-14 06-24-14

Harris challenged Vinny almost before Vinny could claim he'd held it. Defeating Vinny in a best of three (5-2 in 11, 3-5 in 7, and 5-1 in 8), Harris takes the Green Opal for the 5th time.


Defended against Melanie Rostol in a hard fought best of three (5-3 in 10, 4-5 in 12, 5-1 in 7).


Defense #2 against Mel, again in straight sets, 5-4 and 5-3.

Melanie Rostol 06-06-15 06-06-15

Third times the charm for Melanie, who claims the green rock after three close bouts. 5-4, 4-5, 5-4.


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