Rings of Honor

Rings of Honor
The Keepers of Water

Tower of Water

Near the edge of the lagoon, in the middle of the water, stands the Tower of Water. Its dimensions, look and overall shape are identical to the Tower of Fire: 60' tall, 50' wide at the base and 30' at the top, with windows and battlements, only the tower itself is made from flowing, raging water, and the double doors are made of coral. The key to the tower is likewise made from coral, set with a beautiful aquamarine stone.

Keeper of Water Powers

So long as the Keeper of Water bears the Key of Water, great power over water is his to command. The Keeper may breathe under water, fly through the water as effortlessly as a cloud moves through the air, and is immune to the ravages of the high pressures of the ocean depths. No water-based attack can ever harm him; great volumes of water may be created or destroyed at will; and water will ebb, flow and act in accordance with the Keeper's will. Water elementals may be summoned and banished at will, and any such spirit encountered will obey the keeper's commands. All creatures native to the water will recognize the Keeper for who he is, and never attack him. Only free spirits or those of unique power can retain their own will. The Keeper may also transform himself into a being of water and back to his normal form at will.

As would be expected, the Keeper of Water is very vulnerable to his opposite element of fire. Any fire-based attacks which penetrate his defenses will always do increased damage. Also, all fire-based creatures are immediately hostile to the Keeper and may attack him on sight. The presence of fire is not harmful to the Keeper, but being near large fires will drain his powers, and he will be powerless (and most likely slain) if surrounded by an inferno.

Keeper of Water Unique Ring Poseidon

The perimeter of the ring erupts in a tidal surge, lifting to the skies and beyond, the peak far past the clouds, creating a solid pillar of oceanic water. Within, a wild coral reef and pearly-white sands gurgle and crash upwards to form the ground level and first ten feet of space within which the Keeper and his/her opponent may seek cover or an advantageous position. Fish and aquatic beasts of all manner, magical and mundane, swim freely throughout the pillar while the Keeper of water and his/her opponent duel on this watery battlefield, miraculously able to breathe beneath the supposed ocean's surface.

The Keepers

Name Date
1st Lady Blue (ladybluespyral) 21 September 2000 - 7 December 2000
Lady Blue choose Water after placing in the top four of the first Keeper tournament.
Lady Blue did not answer the challenge made by Grayson.
2nd Grayson McLeod (Zur030) 7 December 2000 - 6 March 2001
Was awarded the key when Lady Blue failed to answer his challenge.
Grayson failed to answer the challenge made by Steven Barbarossa.
3rd Sir Barbarossa (Steven Barbarossa) 6 March 2001 - 31 March 2002
Was awarded the key when Grayson failed to answer his challenge.
19 June 2001
4th Statman Service 23 April 2002 - 25 August 2002  
Statman won the key in the Keeper Tournament.
14 June 2002
5th Flora LeGray (Gold On Blue) 29 September 2002 - 17 November 2002
6th Flora LeGray (Gold On Blue) 15 December 2002 - 13 June 2003
7th Cory Havoik (XHavoikX) 13 June 2003 - 31 December 2004 
Cory won the key from Flora.
He was retired from his tower due to inactivity.
Steven Babarossa (AquaBabarossa), 30 April 2004
8th Farek (XFarekII) 31 January 2005 - 25 July 2005
Farek won the key in a Keeper Tournament.
Farek voluntarily retired from his tower
Vincent Smith, 31 March 2005
9th Vanion Shadowcast (insertprofoundsn) 10 August 2005 - 27 September 2005
Vanion won the key in a Keeper Tournament.
10th Farek (Farek II) 27 September 2005 - 13 December 2005
Farek won the key from Vanion.
Max Blue, 19 October 2005
11th Shard (BloodedByTheRose) 13 December 2005 - 26 January 2006
Shard won the key when Farek failed to appear for his challenge.
Shard voluntarily retired from her tower
12th Farek (Farek II) 21 February 2006 - 1 August 2006
Farek won the key in a Keeper Tournament.
Farek voluntarily retired from his tower
Vincent Smith, 15 June 2006
13th Jono Slava 8 August 2006 - 20 December 2006
Jono won the key in a Keeper Tournament.
Bran Bale, 8 November 2006
14th Tasslehofl Momus 20 December 2006 - 11 April 2007
Tasslehofl won the key from Jono.
15th Wyheree g'Ark'Hiradan 11 April 2007 - 1 October 2008
Wyheree won the key from Tasslehofl.
John Tasslehofl Momus, 23 May 2007
Xanth Van Bokkelen, 20 November 2007
Xeric Mues, 2 April 2008
Neo Eternity, 17 August 2008
Retired due to inactivity.
16th Bran Bale 5 October 2008 - 24 November 2008
Bran won the key in a Keeper Tournament.
Retired to become Archmage.
17th Neo Eternity 17 February 2009 - 18 November 2010
Neo won the key in a Keeper Tournament.
John Tasslehofl Momus, 4 November 2009
Artemus A. Kurgen, 3 February 2010
Etherean Esperwind, 11 May 2010
18th Rand alTan 18 November 2010 - 11 December 2011
Rand won the key from Neo.
Matt Simon, 02 May 2011
Kalinda Acheron, 06 July 2011
Mur Ollavan, 14 August 2011
19th Xanth Van Bokkelen 11 December 2011 - 14 February 2012
Xanth won the key from Rand.
20th Matt Simon 14 February 2012 - 12 June 2012
Matt won the key from Xanth.
21st Mur Ollavan 12 June 2012 - 29 January 2013
Mur won the key from Matt.
Jacen Balthazar, 02 August 2012
Krusolis, 14 August 2012
Nayun, 13 December 2012
22nd Matt Simon 29 January 2013 - 19 July 2013
Matt won the key from Mur.
Hochi Banto, 18 March 2013
Battin Roage, 27 May 2013
23rd Andrea "Apple" Anderson 19 July 2013 - 28 July 2013
Apple won the key from Matt.
24th Myria Graziano 28 July 2013 - 9 September 2013
Myria won the key from Apple.
25th Claire Farron 9 September 2013 - 18 October 2013
Claire won the key from Myria.
Zack Alcar, 17 October 2013
Retired to become Archmage.
26th Xanth 18 October 2013 - 24 November 2013
Xanth was Archmage and was defeated by the Keeper of Water.
27th Jenny Chae 24 November 2013 - 25 April 2014
Jenny won the key from Xanth.
Rena A Cronin, 8 January 2014
Venalia Dawnblade, 28 February 2014
28th Morgan Chae 25 April 2014 - 16 June 2014
Morgan won the key from Jenny.
29th Andrea "Apple" Anderson 16 June 2014 - 19 October 2014
Apple won the key from Morgan.
Misty, 23 August 2014
30th Shadow 19 October 2014 - 29 November 2015
Shadow won the key from Apple.
Hitmonlee, 7 March 2015
31st Bailey Raptis 13 December 2015 - 23 September 2016
Bailey won the key in all ranks tournament after Shadow retired.
32nd Jin Chae 29 October 2016 - Current
Jin won the key in the Halloween themed "Pumpkin Smash Tournament" after Bailey retired the ring to become Archmage.

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