Rings of Honor

Rings of Honor
History of the Duel of Swords

For twenty years, the Duel of Swords has resided in the basement of Rhydin's infamous Red Dragon Inn. Ever since the doors of the Arena opened, hundreds of duelers have passed through—each trying to become a part of this ancient blood-sport's illustrious history.

Current Titleholders
Title Name Held Since
Overlord Ekthbjlgke 2018/03/11
Baron of Seaside Vaeluthil Whitevale 2015/12/16
Baron of Dragon's Gate Claire Farron 2016/10/20
Baron of Old Temple Kalamere Ar'Din 2017/06/25
Baron of Old Market Mairead Harker 2017/07/15
Baron of Battlefield Park Aludariel Sun'vael 2017/09/29
Baron of New Haven Jin Chae 2018/03/07
Baron of Dockside Terry King 2018/03/11

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