Rings of Honor

Rings of Honor
Tournament Results - 24 September 2006
  • Winner: Rhiannon D Harker
    Participants (7): Rhiannon Harker, Rabmallet, Damien Ravnos, Bran Bale, Ruke LaChayne, Charlie Jericho, and Aerol Mathius.
    Log of Event

Tournament Recap

On the evening of Sunday, September 24th, 2006, Seven up and coming duelists convened in the Arena to determine who would earn the right to bear the Talon of Redwin through the Autumn months! With a mix of paricipants both determined and skilled, there would need to be one duelist with the edge to bypass all others in order emerge victorious through four rounds of the tournament and be crowned the new Talon of Redwin.

In the first round, the returning champion Rhiannon Harker received the byw and the first to be eliminated was the delicious Charlie Jericho, as the persistant Damien Ravnos hounded her for ten rounds and taking the duel by the score of 5.5-2.5. That was followed by a pair of extensive matches where Ruke LaChayne, participating in his first Talon Tourney, battled it out for 16 rounds and defeated another newcomer to the tournament, the reptilian Bran Bale 5-4. That was overshadowed, however, by the even longer battle going on between a completely new duelist and last minute entry, Aerol Mathius, and former Talon, Rabmallet, who was eliminated in sudden death, 5-4, after eighteen extremly long rounds where half points ruled till the end.

Rhiannon Harker was granted the bye in the First round, and now stood to face the number Five seed, Ruke LaChayne. In twelve difficult rounds, Ruke finally eliminated the defending champion by stepping out of the way of her lunge and put an end to her comeback, tak the match 5 to 3. Before that, however, the third seed, Damien, discovered what it's like to be on the wrong side of a train wreck, getting eliminated handily by Aerol in 10 rounds by a score of 5.5 to .5.

With the third and final round beginning, we would all have to make sure we didn't blink as the match was over as quickly as one could, with Ruke taking two quick points in two rounds and trading the remaining three to bring the Talon to him. He was quickly informed that selling the prize was not an option.

Congratulations to Ruke LaChayne, the New Talon of Redwin! And an exceptional show put on by all who participated!

Witnessed by,
Dioxane Carcin

Tournament Duel Results

Round 1:
Aerol Mathius defeats Rabmallet 5.5-4.4 in 18 rds.
Damien Ravnos defeats Charlie Jericho 5.5-2.5 in 10 rds.
Ruke LaChayne defeats Bran Bale 5-4 in 16 rds.
Bye-- Rhiannon

Round 2:
Ruke LaChayne defeats Rhiannon Harker 5-3 in 12 rds.
Aerol Mathius defeats Damien Ravnos 5.5-.5 in 10 rds.

Final Duel:
Ruke vs. Aerol
1. TH/HC, 1-0
2. HC/SS, 2-0
3. LC/HC, 3-1
4. TH/TH, 4-2
5. HC/LC, 5-3
Ruke defeats Aerol 5-3 in 5 rounds!

For more information about the Talon of Redwin Tournament, please contact Rory Laurent.