Rings of Honor

Rings of Honor
Tournament Results - 28 January 2007
  • Winner: Wyheree
    Participants (10): Bran Bale, Wyheree, Jewell Ravenlock, LongWangLo, Matthew Simon, Rabmallet, Kelten Tarkenstone, Rhiannon Harker, Hanzo, Kyra Von Jessup.
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Tournament Recap

On the evening of Sunday, January 28, 2007, ten duelists gathered in the Arena to determine who would earn the right to bear the Talon of Redwin through the remainder of the winter. A handful of new duelists showed up to test their mettle, including the sisters Wyheree and Jewell, while a number of ToR alumni were there to make sure no one had an easy route to the title. At the end of the night a new Talon of Redwin would be crowned, and the women would resume their dominance.

The first round gave us the full array of just how long, or quick, the duels in this tournament can run. Kelten appeared primed to tear through the tournament as he dominated LongWangLo in a quick six rounds, 5-1. Matthew Simon, not to be outdone, fended off former ToR winner and current Overlord Grant recipient Rabmallet with a 5-3 victory after 10 rounds. Wyheree was the next to progress as she eliminated Hanzo in a tough thirteen rounds, 5.5-4. In the two longest duels of the night, both spanning fifteen rounds, Kyra managed to shake off Bran with a 5.5-4 score, while Jewell survived former ToR winner Rhiannon Harker, 6-5.

Thanks to Kyra beating Bran, Wyheree earned a bye in the next round by virtue of her second seeding. Meanwhile, the two men remaining in the tournament were pitted against one another, and Kelten's momenutum from the first round carried him through as he defeated Matt 5-3 in ten rounds, the same score and count by which Matt had just defeated Rabmallet. Wyheree watched her sister also progress as Jewell won over Kyra 5.5-4 in thirteen rounds, another lengthy duel for Jewell although it would inevitably be her shortest one of the night.

In the third round, it was time for Jewell, now with the bye, to watch her sister. Perhaps it was because Kelten did not receive a chance to rest as Wyheree had just had, but his endurance did not last. After he earned a quick half-point lead, he was unable to fend off Wyheree's offensive onslaught as all her five points came on thrusts and cuts. The final score was 5-2.5 in eight rounds.

Not receiving quite the rest Wyheree did the previous round, Jewell stepped into the ring to face her sister. At the start, it was apparent just how much the two think alike at they traded thrusts and matched high cuts in the first two rounds, and they would go onto mirror attacks many more times throughout the duel. After a virtual stalemant that lasted ten rounds and saw Wyheree with a 2.5-1.5 advantage, they traded thrusts. Jewell then risked a slash and was caught by Wyheree's low cut, making the score 4.5-2.5, and may have very well sealed her fate. Two rounds later, Wyheree finished the night with a thrust over her sister's low cut. Final score: 5.5-2.5.

Congratulations to Wyheree, the new Talon of Redwin. And an excellent effort by all who participated.

Witnessed by,
Deluthan Ev'rt
Chris Graziano

Tournament Duel Results

Round One:
Kelten Tarkenstone defeats LongWangLo, 5-1 in 6
Matthew Simon defeats RabMallet, 5-3 in 10
Wyheree defeats Hanzo 6-4.5 in 13
Kyra Von Jessup defeats Bran Bale, 5.5-4 in 15
Jewell Ravenlock defeats Rhiannon Harker, 6-5 in 15

Round Two (Wyheree - bye):
Kelten Tarkenstone defeats Matthew Simon, 5-3 in 10
Jewell Ravenlock defeats Kyra Von Jessup, 5.5-4 in 13

Round Three (Jewell Ravenlock - bye):
Wyheree defeats Kelten Tarkenstone, 5-2.5 in 8

Final Round:
Jewell vs. Wyheree
1.  TH/TH, 1-1
2.  HC/HC, 1-1
3.  SS/CP, 1.5-1
4.  LC/TH, 1.5-2
5.  CP/SH, 1.5-2
6.  TH/SS, 1.5-2.5
7.  HC/HC, 1.5-2.5
8.  LC/LC, 1.5-2.5
9.  SS/SH, 1.5-2.5
10. LC/LC, 1.5-2.5
11. TH/TH, 2.5-3.5
12. SL/LC, 2.5-4.5
13. LP/CP, 2.5-4.5
14. LC/TH, 2.5-5.5

Wyheree defeats Jewell Ravenlock, 5.5-2.5 in 14

For more information about the Talon of Redwin Tournament, please contact Rory Laurent.