Rings of Honor

Rings of Honor
Tournament Results - 13 May 2007
  • Winner: Candy Venom
    Participants (12): Sabastian Goldraven, Candy Venom, Wyheree Ravenlock, Napoleon Bonarat, Jewell Ravenlock, Felix Pride, Leithan Garn, Corlanthis, Troy Costello, Merik Drago, Mariak DeAngelo, and Vincent Smith.
    Log of Event

Tournament Recap

On the evening of Sunday, May 13th, 2007, Twelve up and coming duelists convened in the Arena to determine who would earn the right to bear the Talon of Redwin through the Summer months! With a mix of paricipants both determined and skilled, there could be only one duelist with the edge to bypass all others in order emerge victorious through four rounds of the tournament and be crowned the new Talon of Redwin.

In the first round, the returning champion Wyheree Ravenlock fought hard but eventually lost to first timer Merik Drago 5-3. Vince knocked out Sabastian before he could mount a serious comeback, eliminating him by the score of 5-3.5. Candy beat newcomer Mariak by the score of 5-3, educating this first timer in the way of swords, Napoleon stymied favorite Troy also 5-3 while Corlanthis knocked out the last ToR finalist, Jewell, 5-4. Finally, Felix finished off Leithan Garn to end the first round, 5.5-3.5.

The Second Round saw all three duels going the distance as Candy knocked out Vince despite a dramatic comeback 5.5-4, for the experienced duelist, then the newer Merik confused the hyperactively bouncy Napoleon 5.5-4.5 and Felix ended Corlanthis' bid 5.5-4.5 as well.

The Third round finally saw the first bye, as Candy, being the highest seed remaining, was given the bye. She got to sit and blow bubble gum while watching Merik fight it out with Felix, and then drop him 5-3 and set up the final match against Candy.

The final match really was no contest as Candy dominated the rookie throughout the entire duel, allowing him to only score a half point, making Candy Venom the champion of this Tourney!

Congratulations to Candy Venom, the New Talon of Redwin! And an exceptional show put on by all who participated!

Witnessed by,
Dioxane Carcin

Tournament Duel Results

Round 1:
Vince defeats Sebastian, 5-3.5
Candy defeats Mariak, 5-3
Merik defeats Wyheree, 5-3
Napoleon defeats Troy, 5-3
Corlanthis defeats Jewell, 5-4
Felix defeats Leithan 5.5-3.5

Round 2:
Candy defeats Vince, 5.5-4
Merik defeats Napoleon, 5.5-4.5
Felix defeats Corlanthis, 5.5-4.5

Round 3:
Merik defeats Felix 5-3
Bye -- Candy

Round 4:
Candy def. Merik 5-.5 in 7 rds.

Finals duel:
Merik vs. Candy
1. TH/SS, 0-.5
2. LP/LC, 0-1.5
3. SH/HC, 0-2.5
4. SS/SL, .5-2.5
5. TH/CP, .5-3
6. CP/HC, .5-4
7. SS/LC, .5-5

Candy defeats Merik 5-.5 in 7 rounds!

For more information about the Talon of Redwin Tournament, please contact Rory Laurent.