Rings of Honor

Rings of Honor
Tournament Results - 9 Sep 2007
  • Winner: Jewell Ravenlock
    Participants and seeding (10): Napoleon Bonarat, Jewell Ravenlock, Matthew Simon, Erin Dunbridge, Felix Pride, Liena Hope, Kelten Tarkenstone, Vincent Smith, Uriko Belarus, and Gabe Ashlocke.

Tournament Recap

On the evening of Sunday, September 9th, 2007, Ten up and coming duelists convened in the Arena to determine who would earn the right to bear the Talon of Redwin through the Autumn months! With a mix of paricipants both determined and skilled, there could be only one duelist with the edge to bypass all others in order emerge victorious through four rounds of the tournament and be crowned the new Talon of Redwin.

In the first round, Last minute entry Gabe Ashlocke fought hard but eventually lost to Redwin mainstay Napoleon Bonarat, 5-3. Vince knocked out old timer Matt Simon before he could make a decent comeback, eliminating him by the score of 5-3. Felix Pride beat newcomer Liena Hope in a marathon of trading back and forth by the score of 5.5-4.5 taking it to 11 rounds. Kelten Tarkenstone was simply too strong for poor Erin Dunbridge and he eliminated her 5-4 in 10, and former finalist Jewell Ravenlock knocked bouncy, go-lucky, late entry Uriko Belarus out, 5-2.5 in 11.

The Second Round saw Happy ratty Napoleon getting the bye, Felix, the unflappable dwarf eliminates Kelten by slicing under his defense and taking that match 5-3. Jewell faces off against Vinny and takes him out by trading blows while she was ahead, and advances with the score being 5-3.5

In the Third round it Jewell getting the bye, and Napoleon fighting Felix to see who would face her in the Final! Was he too small, or was the rest too much? Whatever it was, Napoleon couldn't mount enough of an attack to beat the Dwarf who opened up with three straight points in three rounds. Napoleon mounted a serious comeback, however and scored the next two and a half before Felix stopped it and returned to his scoring ways, thus advancing to fight Jewell! He defeats Napoleon 5-2.5 in Nine rounds.

The final match was absolutely no contest as Jewell dominated the Dwarf throughout the entire duel. Whatever skill or luck Felix had in the previous rounds was completely used up, as Jewell handily defeated Felix 5-0 in Seven Rounds!

Congratulations to Jewell Ravenlock, the New Talon of Redwin! And an exceptional show put on by all who participated!

Witnessed by,
Dioxane Carcin
Rena Cronin

Tournament Duel Results

Round 1:
Round One
Napoleon defeats Gabe, 5-3.
Jewell defeats Uriko, 5-2.5.
Vince defeats Matt, 5-3.
Kelten defeats Erin, 5-4.
Felix defeats Liena. 5.5-4.5.

Round 2:
Jewell defeats Vinny, 5-3.5.
Felix defeats Kelten, 5-4.
Bye -- Napoleon

Round 3:
Felix defeats Napoleon 5-2.5
Bye -- Jewell

Round 4:
Jewell defeats Felix 5-0 in 7.

Finals duel:
Jewell vs Felix
1. LP/SH 0-0
2. SS/TH .5-0
3. TH/SL 1.5-0
4. LC/FDU 2.5-0
5. TH/HC 3.5-0
6. CP/TH 4-0
7. HC/SH 5-0

Jewell defeats Felix 5-0 in 7 rounds!

For more information about the Talon of Redwin Tournament, please contact Rory Laurent.