Rings of Honor

Rings of Honor
Tournament Results - 9 Sep 2007
  • Winner: Teagan Rielea
    Participants and seeding (11): 1. Matthew Simon, 2. Napoleon Bonarat, 3. Raye Howard, 4. Joex Rodlain, 5. Wyheree Ravenlock, 6. Zara Coalwood, 7. Sabastian Goldraven, 8. Jewell Ravenlock, 9. Teagan Rielea, 10. Vinny Smith, 11. Lilly of the Myst

Tournament Recap

On the evening of Sunday, December 16th, 2007, Eleven up and coming duelists, and a few regulars convened in the Arena to determine who would earn the right to bear the Talon of Redwin through the Winter months! With a mix of paricipants both determined and skilled, there could be only one duelist with the edge to bypass all others in order emerge victorious through four rounds of the tournament and be crowned the new Talon of Redwin.

In the first round, Matt Simon gained the bye as a result of being the first seed. Vincent Smith made quick work of the first time to enter Raye Howard while TDL Teammates Teagan Rielea and Joex Rodlain fought it out, with Teagan winning 5-3 in seven rounds ending the match with a fancy disengage. Meanwhile, Lilly took a long time to beat the always present and delightful Napoleon Bonarat, 6-4.5 in 12 rounds. All the while entrant Zara Coalwood took down the ToR regular Sebastian Goldraven, 5-3 in 8 rounds. In the last duel, we saw the Former Talon winner, Jewell Ravenlock defeat another former Talon winner, Wyheree Ravenlock. (Apologies, the results of that match were lost.)

The Second Round had Matt face off against Lilly and dispatch her 5.5-3.5 in 8 rounds while Jewell once again fought and defeated Vinny 5-3 in 7. The next match had Teagan gaining the nights only shutout, defeating Zara 5-0 in 5 rounds, ending the match with a successful fancy disengage for the second time of the night.

The Third round it Jewell getting the bye, and Matt fighting Teagan to see who would face her in the Final! Teagan and Matt fought it out masterfully, matching and trading blows in 7 quick rounds, but Teagan was once again successful, defeating Matt 5-4.

The final match seemed to be the standard of the night, as it only went 7 rounds, with Teagan defeating the previous Talon winner, Jewell, with a third, successful fancy disengage to earn the Talon of Redwin with a final score of 5-3 in 7 rounds.

Congratulations to Teagan Rielea, the New Talon of Redwin! And an exceptional show put on by all who participated!

Witnessed by,
Dioxane Carcin
Soerl Lute

Tournament Duel Results

Round 1:
Round One
Vinny .def. Raye Howard, 5-1.5 in 6 rds
Teagan .def. Joex Rodlain, 5-3 in 7 rds
lillyofthemyst .def. Napoleon Bonarat, 6-4.5 in 12 rds
Zara Coalwood .def. Sebastian Goldraven, 5-3 in 8rds
JewellRavenlock .def. Wyheree
Bye: Goldglo

Round 2:
Teagan .def. Zara Coalwood 5-0 in 5 rds
JewellRavenlock .def. Vinny, 5-3 in 7 rds
Goldglo .def. lillyofthemyst, 5.5-3.5 in 8 rds

Round 3:
Teagan .def. Goldglo 5-4 in 7rds
Bye -- Jewell

Round 4:
Teagan .def. Jewell 5-3 in  7.

Finals duel: Round per round moves lost.

For more information about the Talon of Redwin Tournament, please contact Rory Laurent.