Rings of Honor

Rings of Honor
Tournament Results - 13 May 2008

Tournament Recap

On the evening of Tuesday, May 13th, 2008, it was my honor and privilege to officiate the latest Talon of Redwin tournament. 1 Grand Master, 4 Masters-at-Arms, 1 Swordsman, and 8 Commoners vied for the Talon. One Commoner (Scarlet Moon) made it to the Semi-Finals, and the Swordsman (Sabastian GoldRaven) reached the Final. Bravo!

Master-at-Arms Matthew Simon was the last duelist standing and was awarded the Talon dagger (and the extra Fancy Maneuver). Congratulations!

Almost all of the matches were long and closely contested; the average match length was 12 rounds with an average margin of victory less than two points. Two duels went over regulation length, including an 18-round comeback win by Matt in the Semi-Finals.

I was impressed by this group of Commoners. The future of our fair sport appears bright.

Congratulations again to Matthew Simon, the new Talon of Redwin!


Tournament Duel Results

Round of 16
Rhaine received a bye
Napoleon Bonarat received a bye
Goldglo .def. Vinny, 5.5-4 in 15 rounds
Wyheree def. Locke D'Vestavio, 6-4.5 in 15 rounds
Soerl Lute .def. TinyTrouble, 5-3 in 6 rounds
Lydia Loran .def. Samilee Burke, 5.5-1 in 8 rounds
Scarlet Moon def. Kyra Von Jessup, 5-4 in 16 rounds
Sabastian GoldRaven .def. ArielSwift, 5.5-1 in 12 rounds

Sabastian GoldRaven .def. Rhaine, 5-4 in 11 rounds
Scarlet Moon def. Napoleon Bonarat, 5.5-3.5 in 10 rounds
Goldglo .def. Lydia Loran, 5-4 in 9 rounds
Wyheree .def. Soerl Lute, 5-4 in 13 rounds

Goldglo .def. Scarlet Moon, 5.5-4 in 18 rounds
Sabastian GoldRaven .def. Wyheree, 5.5-4.5 in 12 rounds

Goldglo .def. Sabastian GoldRaven, 5.5-3 in 11 rounds

For more information about the Talon of Redwin Tournament, please contact Rory Laurent.