Rings of Honor

Rings of Honor
Tournament Results - 15 August 2010
  • Winner: Gwen Minx
    Participants and seeding (10): 1. Gemethyst, 2. Kattria Minx, 3. Mur Ollavan, 4. Rhiannon Brock, 5. Gwen Minx, 6. Michiko, 7. Kelathe Skelicia, 8. Sarah, 9. Masked and 10. Druid
    Log of Event

Tournament Recap


We find ourselves starting the night with 9 entrants signed up, and two walk in's: Gem, Katt, Mur, Rhi, Gwen, Michiko, Ryo, Kel, Sarah, Masked and Druid. Ryo, unfortunately, wasn't able to make it, leaving us with 10.

And so, the night began.

In the first round, we saw Gwen take on Katt, Mur dance with Rhi, Gwen play tag with Michi, Kel and Sarah see-sawing, and Masked fighting Druid. When all completed, we had to say goodbye to Katt, Rhi, Michi, Kel, and Masked.

Thus, in the second round, Gem, Mur, Gwen, Sarah and Druid were left. Gem gained the first bye of the night, watching as Mur/Gwen and Sarah/Druid duked it out. Mur and Druid were beating, and so we said goodbye to them, sending them off to the bar for a drink or ten.

Round three showed that the Talon was going to go to one of the ladies, which is fitting as it honours one of our finest ladies. Gem and Sarah went at it, leaving Gwen with the second and final bye of the night. Once the round was done, Gem was sent off to pay me her kisses, leaving Sarah and Gwen to the final match.

In the match that determined which lady would take the Talon home, things started off with Gwen thrusting in and catching herself a ducking Sarah. Then round two caught them both cutting, Sarah going high and Gwen low. Then a small break catches them both as they decide that a pair of fancy steps were needed. That break didn't last long, though, as Sarah drives in, thrusting right onto the awaiting stop hit from Gwen! Then the blood was flowing as Sarah cut low and Gwen high. Sarah pulled back finally, turning a circ parry, but it was too late as Gwen fancy stepped around for the win!

And so, we find Gwen Minx the new holder of the Talon of Redwin! congrats!

Tournament Duel Results

Round 1
Gem def. Katt
Mur def. Rhi
Gwen def. Michi
Sarah def. Kel
Druid def. Masked

Round 2
Gem has the bye
Gwen def. Mur
Sarah def. Druid

Round 3
Gwen has the bye
Sarah def. Gem

Round 4
Gwen Minx def. Sarah 5-2 in 6 rounds.

For more information about the Talon of Redwin Tournament, please contact Rory Laurent.