Rings of Honor

Rings of Honor
Tournament Results - 15 May 2011
  • Winner: Dyarhk
    Participants (11): Rhiannon, Misty, Porthos, Rachael, Dyarhk, Delahada, Winterborn, Daniel, MinionofDeathlord, Seirichi and Taneth.
    Log of Event

Tournament Recap


I wuzz thurr for the toughest tournament evarh!!! None of them double elimination wussy-pant warlords, no! This was a win all or go home tournament! For those of you who didn't come, MEH!

So we had Rhiannon, Misty, Porthos, Rachael, Darkkar (aka Dyarhk), Delahada, Winterborn, Daniel, MinionofDeathlord, Seirichi and Taneth!! YES! Taneth entered too!

On the first round we had Misty vs Portos, Winterborn vs Daniel, and Seirichi vs Taneth. Everyone else got byes. They kicked and punched and screamed! But it ended with Misty defeating Porthos 5-2 in 12 rounds, Winterborn defeating Daniel 5-1 in 10 rounds, and Seirichi defeating Taneth 5-3 in 10 rounds. This eliminated Porthos, Daniel and Taneth.

Second round!!! We had Rhiannon vs Misty, Rachael vs Darkkar, Delahada vs Winterborn, and Minion vs Seirichi. This was a tough round, no one wanted to give up but they were eager to punch holes into each other! So it ended like this: Rhiannon defeated Misty 5-2 in 7 rounds, Darkkar defeated Rachael 5-4 in 9 rounds, Winterborn defeated Delahada 5-3 in 13 rounds, and Minion defeated Seirichi 5.5-1.5 in 8 rounds. This eliminated Misty, Rachael, Delahada and Seirichi.

Round 3!!! This is where things start to get interesting! Four people left! They kicked, they cried, they bled!!! But it ended with Darkkar defeating Rhiannon 5.5-2 in 6 rounds, and Winterborn defeating Minion 5-2.5 in 10 rounds.

And here we are for the final round! Darkkar and Winterborn met in the ring, no quarter was asked or given! Ok, ok... so nobody died. BUT! After 10 rounds Darkkar defeated Winterborn, 6-4.5!

Congratulations to Dyarhk, the new Talon holder!!!!

Tournament Duel Results

Round 1
Misty def. Porthos
Winterborn def. Daniel
Seirichi def. Taneth
Rhiannon, Rachael, Darkkar, Delahada, and Minion byes

Round 2
Rhiannon def. Misty
Darkkar def. Rachael
Winterborn def. Delahada
Minion def. Seirichi

Round 3
Darkkar def. Rhiannon
Winterborn def. Minion

Round 4
Darkkar def. Winterborn

For more information about the Talon of Redwin Tournament, please contact Rory Laurent.