Rings of Honor

Rings of Honor
Tournament Results - 18 December 2005
  • Winner: Illusia Drasoini
    Participants (12): Mystic, Illusia Draosini, Eukee Griffonmane, Shandren Esme Hex Kurgen, Caedia Thorn, Damien Ravnos, Vanion Shadowcast, Frog Fairbrother, Pslyder, Maeda Omi-noh-Sugiyami, Shard, Hojyn.
    Log of Event

Tournament Recap

On the evening of Sunday, December 18, 2005, twelve duelists convened in the Arena to determine who would earn the right to bear the Talon of Redwin through the coming winter. With a motley mix of old participants and new, it would take one duelist's consistent performance to overcome the four rounds of the tournament. And, as the only previous holder of the Talon was eliminated in the first round, the night would anoint a new Talon of Redwin.

In the first round, the winner of last summer's tournament Mystic learned she would not repeat as she lost a thirteen-rounder to Illusia Drasoini, 5-2.5. Pslyder, who reached the finals in the last tournament, also found himself short on luck as Maeda Omi-noh-Sugiyami took him out 5-2.5 in twelve. In the most dominant duel of the evening, perennial ToR duelist Hojyn knocked out Shard 5-1 in eight, and newcomer Frog Fairbrother made sure Vanion Shadowcast would have to wait another cycle by defeating him 5-3.5. In a pair of close duels, Shandren Esme Hex Kurgen and Damien Ravnos were sent packing by Eukee Griffonmane and Caedia Thorn, respectively.

After having the longest duel of the first round, Caedia was involved in the longest duel of the night as she faced off against fellow CDR teammate, Maeda, only this time Caedia came out on the losing end. It was a battle of eccentricity as Eukee and Frog pounded it out for ten rounds, with Eukee winning 6-4.5. Illusia continued her impressive run as she defeated Hojyn 5-3.5 in nine, and in the third round of the tournament, while Eukee had the bye, she eliminated Maeda with an equal score in one less round.

In the final duel, Illusia jumped out to a quick two-point lead by weaving from defense to offense. Eukee slowed her momentum with a timely stophit, and after an exchange of cuts, he narrowed the lead to a half-point by stepping around her parry. But that would be as close as he would get, as Illusia turned out her own successful stophit, and with a second and final exchange of cuts, secured the win in the same 5-3.5 in eight rounds as her win over Maeda.

Congradulations to Illusia Drasoini, the new Talon of Redwin! And a wonderful showing by all who participated!

Witnessed by,
Rory Laurent
Deluthan Ev'rt

Tournament Duel Results

Round 1:
Frog defeats Vanion, 5-3.5 in 11 rounds.
Maeda defeats Pslyder 5-2.5 in 12 rounds.
Hojyn defeats Shard 5-1 in 8 rounds.
Illusia defeats Mystic 5-2.5 in 13 rounds.
Eukee defeats Shandren 5-4 in 12 rounds.
Caedia defeats Damien Ravnos 6-4.5 in 14 rounds.

Round 2:
Eukee defeats Frog 6-4.5 in 10 rounds.
Maeda defeats Caedia 6.5-5.5 in 16 rounds.
Illusia defeats Hojyn 5-3.5 in 9 rounds.

Round 3:
Illusia defeats Maeda 5-3.5 in 8 rounds.
Bye-- Eukee

Finals duel:
Illusia vs. Eukee
1. hc/hc, 0-0
2. fss/sl, 1-0
3. hc/cp, 2-0
4. th/sh, 2-1
5. lc/hc, 3-2
6. fcp/ss, 3-2.5
7. sh/th, 4-2.5
8. hc/lc, 5-3.5

Illusia defeats Eukee 5-3.5 in 8 rounds!

For more information about the Talon of Redwin Tournament, please contact Rory Laurent.