Rings of Honor

Rings of Honor
Rules for the Talon of Redwin Tournament

Who is eligible?
To be eligible to enter the tournament, the duelist must have be ranked below Warlord on the last standings before the tournament. The first sixteen eligible duelists which send letters to the caller in charge of the tournament after the public announcement of the tournament shall be allowed to participate. After the first sixteen duelists are accepted, the following duelists sending entries will be placed on a waiting list. If all sixteen are not there promptly at the start of the tournament, those from the waiting list shall be allowed to fill the empty slots according to when their entry was received.

What is the style of tournament?
The tournament will be conducted at the end of each cycle in single elimination style with pairings matched at the discretion of the official in charge. It should not conflict with the Warlord Tournament. Instead, it should be attempted to be held a week or two weeks after the WLT.

What does the tournament winner receive?
The winner of the tournament will be given the rank of "Talon of Redwin" for the following cycle as well as a dirk carrying the crest of Siera Redwin. He or she shall be listed in the standings as both the "Talon of Redwin" as well as under the current ranking that he or she possesses. The historical record of the Duel of Swords shall also reflect the name of the tournament's winner. The winner of the tournament would reign as "Talon of Redwin" for the complete cycle until a winner from the next tournament emerges. ((This ranking will come with the bump of one fancy above the winner's ranking unless the winner gets the rank of Warlord, Baron, or Overlord during the cycle of his/her reign as "Talon of Redwin". If the winner does hold the ranking of Warlord, Baron, or Overlord, the winner is not eligible for the bump in fancies unless he/she drops back below the ranking of Warlord again.))

For more information about the Talon of Redwin Tournament, please contact Rory Laurent.