Rings of Honor

Rings of Honor
Who was Siera Redwin?

Siera Redwin

Recognized as the 13th Warlord of DoS (tied with Galeon according to historical records), Siera Redwin became the 17th Overlord, and was also the first holder of the 2nd Baron's ring. Her fame and notoriety in the rings followed her like the trail of a comet. Never one to let herself be called a lady without inflicting severe punishment, her sword "Bane" became as well known as her prodigious drinking skills.

Beyond her abilities in the dueling rings of DoS, she was also an accomplished dueler in the Outback, taking part in the very first DiamondQuest (along with Ulath Fici, Prince Fyre, and Jake Thrash). She was also a soldier and general, whose exploits as the Talon of Redwin were reknowned throughout Rhydin. Slain on the battlefield, she died as she had lived, with a sword in her hand and a snarl of defiance on her lips.

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