Rings of Honor

Rings of Honor
Warlord Tournament

Throughout our history the Warlord has been portrayed as powerful, brutal and always at the ready to jump into the fray.

To honor these Warlords, a Tournament is held every three months to determine which of these warriors is the cream of the crop. These tournaments are generally regarded as one of the toughests tests of skill and endurance a duelist can partake in. It is second only to the Madness Tournament in Swords.

Many Warlords have won the title of the last person standing, and each one considers it a great source of pride and honor.

Past Tournaments

Aug 2018, Summer Cycle
2 Participants
1st - Matt Simon - Overlord Challenge
2nd - Andrea Anderson - Baron Challenge

May 2018, Spring Cycle
3 Participants
1st - Nayun - Barony of Battlefield Park
2nd - Rachael Blackthorne - Barony of Old Temple
3rd - Jewell Ravelock - Overlord Challenge.

Feb. 2018, Winter Cycle
DUEL Sylus
2 Participants
1st - Jenny Chae - Test Free Baron Challenge
2nd - Nayun - Test Free Baron Challenge

Dec. 2017, Fall Cycle
DUEL Sylus
1 Participants
1st - Matt Simon - Overlord Challenge

Aug. 2017, Summer Cycle
DUEL Sylus
2 Participants
1st - Matt Simon - Baron Challenge
2nd - Rachael Blackthorne - Overlord Challenge

May 2017, Spring Cycle
DUEL Apple
4 Participants
1st - Jenny Chae - Overlord Challenge
2nd - Rhiannon Brock - Baron Challenge

Feb. 2017, Winter Cycle
DUEL Sylus
0 Participants
1 warlord appeared and withdrew rather than take the prize uncontested. Prize moved to the annual Madness Tournament.

Nov. 2016, Fall Cycle
DUEL Sylus
4 Participants
1st - Rachael Blackthorne - New Haven Barony
2nd - Kalamere Ar'Din - Overlord Challenge

Aug, 2016, Spring Cycle
DUEL Dioxane
4 Participants
1st - Terry King - Barony*
2nd - Claire Farron - Overlord Challenge

* 1st place barony unnamed at the time, awaiting a Baron Tourney to install a new Overlord

May, 2016, Spring Cycle
DUEL G'nort
10 Participants
1st - Hope Naharis - Barony of New Haven
2nd - Red UrThorne - Barony of Old Temple
3rd - Claire Caelum - Overlord Challenge

March, 2016, Winter Cycle
DUEL Lacey
7 Participants
1st - Aya Hayashibara - Overlord Challenge
2nd - Jewell Ravenlock - Overlord Challenge
3rd - Claire Caelum - Baron Challenge (*declined by Terry King)

November, 2015, Fall Cycle
DUEL Dioxane
6 Participants
1st - Spider Zauvirr - Overlord Challenge
2nd - Claire Caelum - Baron Challenge

August 2015, Summer Cycle
DUEL Peaches
8 Participants
1st - Jewell Ravenlock - Barony of Dockside
2nd - Melanie Rostol - Barony of Old Temple
3rd - Rhiannon Harker - Overlord Challenge

May 2015, Spring Cycle
DUEL Dioxane
3 Participants
1st - Red Ur'Thorne - Overlord Challenge
2nd - Rhiannon Harker - Baron Challenge

February 2015, Winter Cycle
10 Participants
1st - Kimone Kidd - Overlord Challenge
2nd - Ekthbjgke Smith - Dragon's Gate Barony

November 2014, Fall Cycle
DUEL Apple
4 Participants
1st - Melanie Rostol - Overlord Challenge
2nd - Red Ur'Thorne - Baron Challenge

July 2014, Summer Cycle
DUEL Apple
9 Participants
1st - Gren Blockman - Overlord Challenge
2nd - Teagan Rielea - Baron Challenge

May 2014, Spring Cycle
DUEL Lacey
6 Participants
1st - Claire Farron - Overlord Challenge
2nd - Aya Hayashibara - Baron Challenge

January, 2013, Winter Cycle
DUEL Corlanthis
1st - Jaycynda Ashleana - Overlord Challenge
2nd - Anubis Karos - Baron Challenge

September 2013, Fall Cycle
DUEL Corlanthis
12 Participants
1st - Morgan LeFay - Old Market Barony
2nd - G'nort Dragoon-Talanador - Dockside Barony
3rd - Aenlyn - Overlord Challenge

June 2013, Summer Cycle
DUEL Corlanthis
13 Participants (est)
1st - Kheldar Drasinia
2nd - Ellisa Morgan

Feb 2013, Winter Cycle
DUEL Apple
10 Participants
1st - Ticallion Carter - Overlord Challenge
2nd - Lem DeAngelo Baron Challenge

Dec 15th 2012, Fall Cycle
Duel Candy and Duel Harris
10 participants
1st: Rakeesh (Old Temple Barony)
2nd: Nayun (Dragon's Gate Challenge)
3rd: Damien Cetran (Overlord Challenge)

August 2012, Summer Cycle
Duel Candy
8 participants
1st: Xanth Van Bokkelen (Overlord Challenge)
2nd: Anubis Karos (Baron Challenge)

June 2012, Spring Cycle
Duel Dioxane
12 participants
1st: Sartan (Declined Prize)
2nd: Kheldar Drasinia (Baron Challenge)
3rd: Chris Graziano (Overlord Challenge)

February 2012, Winter Cycle
Duel Imp
4 participants
1st: Tasslehofl Momus (Old Temple Barony)
2nd: Teagan Rielea (Overlord Challenge)

August 2011, Summer Cycle
Duel Imp
8 participants
1st: Jaycy Ashleana (Baron Challenge)
2nd: G'nort Dragoon-Talanador (Overlord Challenge)

May 2011, Spring Cycle
Duel Imp
11 participants
1st: Mur Ollavan (Overlord challenge)
2nd: Xeric Mues

January 2011, Winter Cycle
Duel Imp officiating
10 participants
1st: Rhiannon Harker (Old Temple Barony)
2nd: Evan Rush Rynth (Overlord challenge)

September 2010, Fall Cycle
Duel Imp officiating
7 participants
1st: Neo Eternity (Overlord challenge)
2nd: Max Blue (Baron challenge)

June 2010, Summer Cycle
Duel Imp officiating
1st: Verceterix Favre

March 2010, Spring Cycle
Duel Dioxane officiating
12 participants
1st: Imp (Overlord challenge)
2nd: Kheldar Drasina

December 2009, Winter Cycle
Duel Roman officiating
12 participants
1st: Ticallion Carter (Overlord challenge)
2nd: Joex Rodlain (Baron challenge)

September 2009, Fall Cycle
Duel Tormay officiating
3 participants
1st: Guill Fortis (Declined prize)
2nd: Rakeesh Sah Tarna (Declined prize)
3rd: Teagan Rielea (Overlord challenge)

June 2009, Spring Cycle
Duel Tormay officiating
8 participants
1st: Guill Fortis (Decline prizes)
2nd: Kheldar Drasinia (Old Temple Barony)
3rd: Tasslehofl Momus (Overlord challenge)

February 2009, Winter Cycle
Duel Imp officiating
6 participants
1st: Teagan Rielea (Dockside Barony)
2nd: Rena Cronin (Battlefield Park Barony)
3rd: Kheldar Drasinia (Overlord challenge)

September 2008, Fall Cycle
Duel Roman officiating
1st: Drey Starke (Overlord challenge)
2nd: Face Loran (Baron challenge)

June 2008, Summer
Duel Imp officiating
14 participants
1st: Xeric Mues (Overlord challenge)
2nd: Xenograg Daelir (Baron challenge)

February 2008, Winter Cycle
Duel Chris Graz officiating
1st: Aurora Blackmane (Overlord challenge)
2nd: Aya Hayashibara (Baron challenge)

November 2007, Fall cycle
Duel Harris officiating
16 participants
1st: Roland Sal Roa (Overlord challenge)
2nd: Querylon (Baron challenge)

August 2007, Summer Cycle
Duel Harris and Rory officiating
12 participants
1st: Chris Graziano (Overlord Challenge
2nd: Max Blue (Baron challenge)

May 2007, Spring Cycle
Duel Harris officiating
13 participants
1st: Cletus Ganderfald (Overlord Challenge)
2nd: Aya Hayashibara (Baron Challenge)

February 25th, 2007 Winter
DUEL Roman officiating
10 participants
1st: Vanion Shadowcast (Overlord challenge)
2nd: Kheldar Drasinia (Baron Challenge)

December 28th, 2006 Fall
DUEL Xenograg officiating
12 participants
1st: Spike u'Momus (Overlord Chalenge)
2nd: Sartan (Baron challenge)

September 11th, 2006 Summer
DUEL Chris Graz officiating
8 participants
1st: Skyler Chamberland (Overlord challenge)
2nd: Artemus Kurgen (Baron challenge)

June 12th, 2006 Spring cycle
DUEL Psly FTA officiating
1st: Skyler Chamberland (Overlord Challenge)
2nd: Harris (Refused to take prize)
3rd: Rena A Cronin (Baron Challenge)

March something Winter cycle
DUEL Psly FTA officiating
1st: Tassleholf Momus (Barony of New Haven)
2nd: Karen Wilder (Overlord Challenge)

December 11th and 12th, 2005 Fall
DUEL Psly FTA officiating
1st: Tareth Thorn (Overlord Challenge)
2nd: Cletus Ganderfald (Baron challenge)

September 11th, 2005 Summer
DUEL Psly FTA Officiating
1st: Maria Graziano (Baron Challenge)
2nd. Rena A Cronin (Overlord Challenge)

June 6th, 2005 Spring
DUEL Poison officiating
1st: Cassius Maximius (New Haven Barony)
2nd: Drachen (Overlord challenge)

February 28th, 2005. Winter
DUEL Poison officiating
1st: Damien Mortis (Overlord challenge)
2nd: Anubis Karos (Baron challenge)

November 29th, 2004 Fall
DUEL Poison officiating
1st: Gork (Overlord challenge)
2nd: Grayson MacCloud (10th Baronial Ring)
3rd: Jeffery Oakenshield (3rd Baronial Ring)

August 30th and 31st, 2004 Summer
DUEL Poison officiating
1st: Ekthbjlgke Smith (Overlord Challenge)
2nd: Sarah "Stick" Allian (Baron challenge)

June 6th, 2004. Spring
DUEL Poison officiating
1st: Kaja Adair (Overlord Challenge)

March 7th, 2004. Winter
DUEL Christopher officiating
1st: Bode Bojangles (Overlord Challenge)
2nd: Jenia Aerodroud (12th Baronial ring)

December 11th, 2003 Fall
DUEL Pslyder officiating
18 participants
1st: Cletus Ganderfald (Overlord Challenge)
2nd: Horatio (2nd ring)

September 8th, 2003 Summer
DUEL Pslyder officiating
12 participants
1st: Max Blue (Overlord challenge)

June 2nd, 2003. Spring
DUEL Var officiating
1st: Tarl Cabot (Overlord Challenge)
2nd: Galin Taelca (2nd Baronial Ring)
3rd: Harris (Refused to accept the 5th Baronial ring as his prize)
4th: Shakira (5th Baronial ring after refused by Harris)

March 4th, 2003 Winter
host game poison officiating
1st: Goon (Overlord challenge)
2nd: Lucian (7th ring)

December 10th, 2002 Fall
HOST Game Altara
1st: Andur Salsinger (5th Baronial Ring)
2nd: Dalia (Overlord challenge)

September 2nd and 3rd, 2002 Summer
HOST Game Altara officiating
1st: The Blindfold Proxy (Overlord Challenge)
2nd: Ticallion Carter (12th Baronial Ring)

June 5th, 2002 Spring
1st: Tasslehofl Momus (2nd Baronial Ring)
2nd: Cletus Ganderfald (9th Baronial Ring)
3rd: Ticallion Carter (Overlord challenge)

March 5th, 2002 Winter
1st: Xeric Mues (6th Baronial Ring)
2nd: Elle McBride (Overlord challenge)

December 4th, 2001 Fall
HOST PCG Charlie
10 Participants
1st: Ralez Raistlin (Overlord challenge)
2nd: Nova Grey Shadow (8th Baronial Ring)

September 3rd and 4th, 2001 Summer
HOST PCG Chris officiating
1st: G'nort Dragoon Talanador (4th Baronial ring)
2nd: Taree Fae (13th Baronial ring)
3rd: Ramsus Tidewater (6th Baronial ring)
4th: Seamus MacDounnagh (Overlord Challenge)

June 2nd and 3rd, 2001 Spring
HOST PCG Chris officiating
1st: Dustin Majahacepary (Overlord challenge)

March 12th, 2001 Winter
HOST DFC Reiver officiating
17 Participants
1st: Leo De Lorenzo (5th Ring)
2nd: Rix Favre (11th Ring)
3rd: Jaycy Ashleana (Overlord challenge)

December 12th, 2000 Fall
HOST DFC Reiver officiating
4 Participants
1st: Secondat (9th Ring)
2nd: Cletus Ganderfald (13th Ring)
3rd: Gunther Mass (Overlord Challenge)

August 30th, 2000 Summer
Host DFC Poison officiating
25 Participants
1st: Daegarth Mithmellon (Overlord Challenge)
2nd: Leo de Lorenzo (5th Ring)
3rd: Var Medici-Giovanni (10th Ring)
4th: Karen Wilder (4th Ring)

May 27th, 2000 Spring
1st: Sartan (9th ring)
2nd: Jeff Oakenshield (6th Ring)
3rd: Leo De Lorenzo (5th)
4th: Taylara Tyree (Overlord Challenge)

February 25th, 2000 Winter
1st: Jesse Troyan (4th Ring)
2nd: Leo De Lorenzo (Overlord Challenge)

December 1st, 1999 Fall
RDI Drake
1st: Dexter Montoya (Twelfth Ring)
2nd: Cassius Maximius (Overlord challenge)

Septemer 13th 1999 Summer
RDI Poison
1st: Seamus (4th Ring)
2nd: Elijah (7th Ring)
3rd: Cassius Maximius (8th Ring)
4th: Cletus Ganderfald (13th Ring)
5th: Marius (2nd Ring)
6th: Long Wang Lo (Overlord Challenge)

May 31st 1999 Spring
RDI Poison
1st: Kaprielle (Overlord Challenge)
2nd: Zafiroo Turidan (1st Ring)

February 23rd 1999 Winter
RDI Scad
1st: Lucian (2nd Ring)
2nd: Eric Saidek (Overlord Challenge)

December 4th/5th 1999 Fall
RDI Scad
1st: Morgan le Fay du Cornwall (4th Ring)
2nd: Daegarth Mithmellon (Overlord Challenge)

August 24th/25th 1998 Summer
RDI Scad
1st: Overborg (Overlord Challenge)
2nd: Morgan le Fay du Cornwall (5th Ring)
3rd: Magnus Eques (13th Ring)
4th: Gimzak Stonecutter (11th Ring)

May 25th 1998 Spring
RDI Helix
1st: SKyler Chamberland (Overlord Challenge)
2nd: Leo Caius Cassius Pride (13th Ring)
3rd: Duke Leto Covington (10th Ring)
4th: Daegarth Mithmellon (4th Ring)
5th: Darkness (11th Ring)
6th: Roland Sal Roa (12th Ring)

February 9th/10th 1998 Winter
RDI Helix
1st: Lucian (5th Ring)
2nd: Perrinis (Overlord Challenge)

November 10th/11th 1997 Fall
1st: Billy Ray Karnafexx (No prize)
2nd: Marzan (Overlord challenge)

Rest are MIA