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Profile of Nayun
Dueling Titles Currently Held:
Baron of Battlefield Park

Nayun Takamine
Wolf of Adenna

City Guard, Priestess

Seasoned Adventurer
Seasoned Adventurer
Character:  Nayun Takamine
Race:  Enhanced Human
Gender:  Female / 22 Years Old
Place of Origin:  Cheston Forest, Outside of Adennian Boundaries. Adopted daughter of Adenna.
Location:  Her dojo at the Adenna Embassy, bordering Battlefield Park from the Dragon's Gate district.
Profession:  Sword Instructor of the Shin Tenshi Ryu Style.
Appearance:  Nayun stands at five foot one with ink black hair and a light skin tone. Her body, though small, is quite muscular an scarred due to rigorous training. Her most distinguishing feature being dark red eyes -- something she inherited from her father. Nayun lost her left arm due to an accident within the Dueling rings.

Her left arm is not her original. It is a false puppet arm created by a skilled craftsman using Liltu magical technology. With runes carved into bone, along with a magic-based nerve system, it allows storage of mana and other abilities; an example being the ability to grasp hold of ethereal creatures.

The Clovered Cross, Upper right shoulder blade. The symbol of Adenna.

Rings of Honor Titles:
106th Overlord of the Duel of Swords
12th Baron of Dragon's Gate [Duel of Swords]
15th Baron of Old Temple [Duel of Swords]
25th Baron of Old Temple [Duel of Swords]
21st and current Baron of Battlefield Park [Duel of Swords]
2018 Spring Warlord Tournament Winner
31st Holder of the MoonBeryl Opal (First Double 5-0 in DoF Challenge History) [Duel of Fists]
29th Holder of the IceDancer Opal ( The one to end Matt Simons 1155 Day Reign and 12 Defense Record ) [Duel of Fists]
38th Holder of the ShadoWeaver Opal [Duel of Fists]
Current Archmage of the Duel of Magic
20th Keeper of Fire [Duel of Magic]
21st Keeper of Air [Duel of Magic]
Ring of Klytus holder (Back to Back / Two Time Holder) [Duel of Magic]


Since she's from a warrior society Nayun was introduced to sword fighting, archery, and hand to hand combat at an early age. Though considered not as important, she has dabbled in magic as well. She is an avid hunter.

Nayun, during her time as the Keeper of Fire and Air, was imprinted with the ability of manipulating the two elements. Though these are a minor ability at best. A small connection to the primal elemental plane of water was established due to contact with the Blue Opal, Ice Dancer -- This has allowed Nayun minor manipulation of water, even without the Opal. The same connection has been created with the void due to her encounter with the Black Opal, ShadoWeaver -- This has allowed Nayun the advantage of traveling short distances through the shadows and the ability to manipulate them. Her foray into the Celestial Citadel upon becoming an Archmage of the Duel of Magic has amplified these abilities.

Nayun also possesses a three tailed kitsune named Yun. It is bound to her as her shikigami (Think: Familiar). Nayun also took the prize of a single-tailed kitsune from the 2015 Duel of Magic Winter All Ranks Tournament. While it is not a shikigami just yet, she will be training for it to become one in the future. Its name is Yon -- named after her deceased sister. At times it takes her place.

Considered to be dishonorable by most Adenna warriors, Nayun has adopted gunnery into her training and actively teaches it within the confines of her school.
Skills:  ---
Silver Nobles: 1532
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Joined:  09 Aug 2011
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