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Profile of Capreae

Capreae "Capri" Talanador

Junior Adventurer
Junior Adventurer
Character:  Capreae "Capri" Talanador
Race:  Siren/Human
Gender:  Femme
Place of Origin:   
Location:  Whichever way the wind blows...
Profession:  Entrepreneur is the most polite way to say it. Definitely her father's daughter.
Appearance:  She possesses fiery red hair, a gift from her father. The stormy blue-green eyes, however, were from her mother as were the dangerous curves she had used on occasion to solidify a deal that would profit her greatly. As alluring as her 5'8" frame was, it was her Siren's song that had been of most benefit to Capri as she grew up.
Skills:  Her voice held the ability to lure and compel most of those that she used it on. Her father had first noticed it when he was forced to leave the island her mother had lured him to a year prior. The infant had cooed and sang such a sweet song that a ship arrived. Her siren's song was tainted by her human blood, luckily, and the crew did not die. G'nort restocked the SpellJammer, took the crew from the ship baby Capreae had lured and sailed away from the island where the infant's mother had died and her Siren sisters had prepared to kill the child tainted with human blood. G'nort, being the cunning man he was, had realized what a profit this child could bring to a pirate at sea. Thus, she was kept with her father for several years. Her mind matured far faster than her human body, and she soaked in all of the experiences she had aboard SpellJammer; storing them away for the day when she would have her own ship and need to make her own way in the world. G'nort's wealth grew, as did his reputation. He eventually dropped off his young daughter, with enough coin to properly care for her, at a cliffside convent. At least he was kind enough to keep the child close to what she loved most...the sea. At the age of twelve, already quite mature and far more difficult to handle than anyone had dreamed she would be; Capri set off on her own after taking what was hers from the convent's treasury. She had a mind for numbers and money and had already calculated what her care had cost for these few years. Finding it rough going, the Siren used her voice to compel any number of riff raff to take her on as a crewman. The willowy, quiet child became a physically strong and rowdy young woman. She was quick to anger, quicker to laugh, and there was just something about the girl that made you believe she possessed the luck of the Gods. Capri eventually earned, won, and stole enough gold to secure a two masted schooner she named, appropriately, Siren's Song. Once she hired her crew, it was off to the island of her birth to claim some of those buried treasures from the ships that had crashed upon the rocks, lured by the pure, sweet song of her non-human kin. Nearly as notorious as her father in Urnst, Capreae was wanted for numerous crimes. Some she had committed, others were simply chalked up to her doing and with a reputation to maintain, the young female pirate wasn't about to deny any of it. It was time to cool her heels...and she needed to look up someone from her past. The next great adventure awaited in Rhy'Din
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Joined:  28 Apr 2012
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