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Profile of Locke DVestavio

Locke D'Vestavio-Smith

Character:  Locke D'Vestavio-Smith
Race:  For lack of a better term, he calls himself a "Frost Elf", "Ice Elf," or "Snow Elf."
Gender:  Male
Place of Origin:  The poorer parts of RhyDin city, including Little Britain, WestEnd, and the Marketplace (originally from the realm of Fridmond)
Location:  New Haven, RhyDin City
Profession:  Fashion Designer
Appearance:  The most immediately striking thing about his appearance is his skin tone. A pale blue, like a hypothermic human but more pronounced, he appears to be the picture of perfect health. Slightly below the average human height, his build is wiry, like a gymnast. He has a mischievous face, with slightly rounded cheeks, a small, perfectly straight nose, long and pointed ears, and dimples when he smiles, which is often. His hair, the color of shaved ice, is usually up in little spikes all over his head. His eyes are a surprisingly warm and dark cobalt shade. He either tends to dress up in finely tailored suits with brightly colored ties and shirts, or dress down in fashionable jeans, boots, tee shirts (often with silk-screened graphics), and a black leather jacket. The colder it gets, the less clothing he seems to wear, oddly enough. No matter what, he always wears a pair of silver snowflake-shaped earrings, a silver bracelet on a wrist, and a silver chain necklace with several rings attached, including a spoon ring, a snowflake ring, and a wedding band.
Skills:  Locke's body is cold, much colder than most beings, due to his parentage and the magical nature of his kind. He is able to withstand temperatures well below freezing, and becomes uncomfortable with weather just a little bit above freezing temperatures, having to take special precautions for that. Additionally, under optimal conditions, his blood flows slower as a result of its colder temperature, causing him to bleed slower and survive injuries that might kill some people. His touch is chilling and can freeze things; prolonged exposure to him can be harmful to those who are unprepared. Locke spent much of his youth in Rhydin hanging out with a gang of thieves, which made him a fairly accomplished gymnast and skilled at various aspects of what he calls "the fine arts." He went to a magic academy outside of Rhydin to develop his latent magical ability, which is limited mostly to extending his ability to chill/freeze other objects. He speaks common, some elven and thieves cant. He is an unpredictable, acrobatic combatant who usually fights barehanded, but also carries knives and occasionally a collapsible baton.
Silver Nobles: 1524
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Joined:  16 Nov 2007
Total posts:  42
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