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Profile of Alain DeMuer

Alain Cavan DeMuer

Junior Adventurer
Junior Adventurer
Character:  Alain Cavan DeMuer
Race:  Human
Gender:  Male
Place of Origin:  Newbreton Earth
Location:  RhyDin
Profession:  Baron of Saint Aldwin, brewer, spymaster
Appearance:  Alain has a sharp face, angular for his build, with thin Gallic lips and a growing crease between his eyebrows from too many long frowns: he is all of twenty-six but his stern features put his looks well past thirty. He is built like a brawler, tall and broad-shouldered, medium weight, muscular arms. The back of his right hand bears the tattooed seal of House DeMuer, and the palm is covered in old burn scars. The rest of him is similarly marred, whip scars stretching from the small of his back to the base of his neck; other scars appear and slowly fade, near misses from the various attempts on his life. His blue eyes are alert, always calculating.

In spite of the story his body seeks to tell Alain can appear very charming. He is often well-dressed, carries himself confidently and appears at ease shaking hands and paying compliments, cutting deals both commercial and political. But don't be surprised to find him watching the exit, keeping one hand close to a concealed weapon. He's always in over his head.
Skills:  Alain's had a pistol close at hand for most of the last ten years. He can swing a sword, shoot a rifle, throw a mean right hook or even a roundhouse kick, but the pistol remains his best weapon. He can keep a cool head, draw fast and think on his feet in the thick of battle. But there are better fighters, and Alain has taken pains to surround himself with as many as he can find so he can focus on his real skill: deception. In spite of his growing experience with big businesses and representing a small country, he will always be a better spy than a diplomat. He ceaselessly gathers information and metes out little lies through words and actions, well aware that he and his people are closely watched. The broken spirit of an angel, a fallen warrior named Kael, lurks in the dark recesses of his mind - sometimes willing to assist Alain in getting himself out of danger, and sometimes stubbornly passive and quiet. This is a secret Alain keeps close, though the sensitive may detect that more than a simple mortal soul inhabits his body.
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Joined:  24 Jan 2009
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Interests: (Portrait colored by Adalia-mun, drawn by Lydia-mun)
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