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Profile of Ahni

Ahni Valyntine

Character:  Ahni Valyntine
Race:  Half-elf
Gender:  Female
Place of Origin:  The long-dead kingdom of Marte, far away from Rhydin City
Location:  Twilight Isle, the dueling venues
Profession:  Biomancer, Former Keeper of Best Tower!
Appearance:  Ahni barely brushes the 5' mark. All bony knees and skinny arms, she has a physique more fitting of a young boy than a woman.

Her short hair is disheveled, always, a mess of slight waves the color of an old penny. She doesn't brush it, though every once in a while she'll try to make it look presentable.

She loves sparkly things, but she generally doesn't wear adornments except for a pair of thick metal bands around her wrists. These bracelets house a foot long switchblade-type straight blade that Ahni can trigger with a flick of her wrist.

Kaleidoscope irises flicker her emotions for all to see. Her words may not be exactly true, but her eyes will never lie.

Ahni's brain was tampered with in her past, leaving her addled and with the outward sense that not everything is "right" with her. She is not a child, though she may have those mannerisms at times. She gets confused easily, especially with "modern" terminology and technology.

A jagged scar runs from temple to chin on the left side of her face.

She smells of honeysuckle and morning dew, cut grass and newly-turned earth.

A Biomancer of above-average skill, she is able to grow nearly anything -- including anthropomorphic plants. She has other types of magic in her arsenal, but doesn't tend to use them in favor of the stronger magic in her soul.

She is prone to peppering her Common speech with Elvish without immediately realizing that not everyone understands what she's saying. Generally she will correct herself without being asked.

In the colder months, she wears long tunics in various shades of green, grey pants, old boots, and her favorite fuzzy bear-eared jacket. In the warmer months, she wears sundresses of various colors and patterns with bare feet.

She is often in the company of a foxlike critter named Carbuncle, or close to her Mela, Neo. He's her sanity, after all.
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