Server upgrade coming in late March; end of FlashChat
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#1: Server upgrade coming in late March; end of FlashChat Author: XenogragLocation: Dojo Darelir (Rhydin City) or Xenodar PostPosted: Mon Feb 26, 2018 9:18 pm
Everyone can thank my day job for keeping me so busy throughout 2017 that I could never spare the mental bandwidth to get our web server upgraded. It is not the upgrade, itself, but the expected rapid error-fixing after.

The big work project is (almost) done, and I will get my brain back to work on these sites, again. I have informed our web hosting company that the upgrade will be done in late March.

So sometime around the Spring Equinox: March 21-22.

As previously mentioned, the server upgrade will kill FlashChat. Rings of Honor will use DragonsMark's ProChat after that and for the near future.

Rings of Honor -> Site News

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