Matt Conquers AMT, Up Next: The Celestial Citadel?
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#1: Matt Conquers AMT, Up Next: The Celestial Citadel? Author: Claire FarronLocation: Dunmovin (Outside of Rhydin City), Underwood (New Haven), or Caelum Training Center PostPosted: Mon Aug 06, 2018 11:03 am
A relatively small collective of Mages graced the Isle for the August Archmage Tournament and when all was said and done, Matt Simon came out on top. His win gives him the right to challenge Eden Parker for the right to the Celestial Citadel. In a battle of old versus young, will Matt finally take home the last piece of the Triple Crown or will Eden continue her dominance? Details haven't been released but we're sure to find out soon!

Rings of Honor -> Headlines

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