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The Shiranui Special 2015

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Mai Shiranui
Junior Adventurer
Junior Adventurer

Joined: 15 Jul 2013
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PostPosted: Mon Jul 20, 2015 11:50 pm    Post subject: The Shiranui Special 2015 Reply with quote

The Shiranui Special is back! Here to bring you all the best news when it comes to anything Hydra!
It's been so long since I've last had a chance to write anything sports related.

Mai Note: Partly due to a lack of Hydra and mostly due to me chasing after Andy.

I've already missed my chance to touch on Week One, but I'll get to that later! Week Two has come to a close and many of the dominating teams of Week One are suffering from some bitter defeats! But like a Phoenix rising from the ashes, one of these defeated teams made sure to leave an impact on their vanquishers!

Mai Note: A really BIG impact if I do say so myself!

Team Death Cake's own Canaan made sure his team went down in style after dealing a spectacular shut-out defeat to Rock Hards own Rachael Douglas! Six rounds, five points! All to zip! Canaan made his statement clear. No one puts Death Cake in a corner!

Mai Note: I guess they weren't really "Rock Hard" in the ring THAT night!

Now, while a shut-out is impressive, we can't let it fully overshadow the Week One action of Hydra!

Week One saw some spectacular matches, but the most amazing came in the form of Mr. One Man Team, Xanth Van Bokkelen!

Mai Note: I'm a fan! I'll admit it!

You might remember him from Hydra Season 1. He's the one who brought his team all the way to second place... ALONE. Yes, you're reading that right. Mr. Van Bokkelen is a force to be reckoned with! He showed just that when he won his bout against Death Cakes Canaan! His double Wild Card match pushed Chemical Burn right into the lead in grand fashion with a week one sweep!

Mai Note: Sure, Chemical Burn aren't looking so hot right now with the end of Week 2... but I blame Captain Bile for sitting out the Van Bokkelen Machine! He's a one man army! Put him in every week!

These two fighters deserve something more than praise through the written word! That's why I'm awarding them both the Shiranui Special Pin! Check your cubbies in the Outback for them when you get the chance!

Week Three starts tonight! So get your asses to the Outback, Annex, and wherever they are doing magic these days and cheer on your favorite team!

Mai Note: Good luck in Week Three, everyone!

Yo! Nippon Ichi!
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Mai Shiranui
Junior Adventurer
Junior Adventurer

Joined: 15 Jul 2013
Posts: 7

Location: RhyDin, her new home away from home
318 Silver Nobles

PostPosted: Mon Aug 17, 2015 3:54 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

So I've been a little busy.. Blame Chun-Li! She's been forcing me to practice with her for this something-something V... She keeps going on and on about V-Triggers and other boring things that have nothing to do with the Hydra Tournament! But hey, I'm back! And I'm ready to dig through all these past weeks to find out who came out on top as the BEST HYDRA HYDRA FIGHTER of the week!

Mai Note: I didn't even get to watch any of the matches live... Except for the two that happened a few hours ago. Thank you DVR!



Chemical Burn's Xanth Van Bokkelen
Hydra Foil's Mason

Final Verdict: Xanth defeats Mason 5-0. Duel of Fists. Wild Card Match.

Everyone stand up! Can you all say it with me? "TEAM - XANTH". Yes, the same Xanth I wrote so highly of in my last news letter! He's back with another Hydra Tournament fighter marked off his hit list! This time we saw Mason try to take on the Big Bad Van Bokkelen... and wow did it end messy.

Mai Note: Xanth! You can't do that to people! We all know you're the best Hydra has to offer, but c'mon... pump the breaks a little!

Xanth made sure his road to Hydra MVP was paved with the blood of the fallen. In a single Wild Card match, Xanth was able to grab a whopping ELEVEN points for Chemical Burn after his 5-0 victory. Sure, Minion and Bile took some wins of their own, but Xanth outshine them like the fiery comet of lichdom that he is. I only have one award to give out this week and it's going to Xanth!

Fighter of Week 3:XANTH VAN BOKKELEN


Rock Hard's L'Elghinyrrok Orbb... Okay, I'm going to call this guy Spider, because that's what they kept calling him in the video.
Hydra Foil's Eden Parker.

Final Verdict: Spider defeats Eden 5-2.5. Duel of Magic. Double Wild Card Match.

This match would be nothing of an uphill climb for poor Eden. Sadly, the hill proved to be a mountain for Eden. Some might say Spider's 5-2.5 victory, when Bile of Chemical Burn and Kheldar of Team Fist won both of their matches with a score of 5-1, might not be best fighter of the week worthy... but I have to give it up to Spider. A double Wild Card win with your whole team breathing down your back? It sounds nerve wracking to me and well deserved of the Best Fighter spot!

Fighter of Week 4: SPIDER

Mai Note: Whenever a Double Wild Card match happens I feel disappointed. It makes all the other matches in that bracket seem boring.


Hydra Foil's Eden Parker
Deathcake's Salvador Delahada

Final Verdict: Eden defeats Salvador 5-1. Duel of Fists. Double Wild Card Match.

Yes. Yes. I know. Hydra Foil has been mentioned multiple times throughout this post.. and before you Foils throw this into the trash, STOP! This isn't more bad news! Week Five saw the Hydra Foil spirit come alive! After a tie match between Canaan Devillier and Jolyon Gardiner, along with a devistating defeat of Bailey Raptis to the hands of Sabine, all eyes were on Eden and Salvador.

Mai Note: The other matches that week between those two teams? Pfft, toss them out! They didn't matter one bit!

Eden made quick work of Salvador and secured the Foils a much needed win and a good load of Wild Card points! It was this win that carried them into the playoffs and sent Deathcake straight into the post season gutter with Royal Pains!

The Foils might have suffered from a few humiliating defeats, but Eden made sure to show that her team were here to play!

Mai Note: Better luck next year Deathcake and Royal Pains!

Fighter of Week 5: EDEN PARKER


Hydra Foils Juliane Smith

Final Verdict: Xanth defeats Juliane 5 to 1.5. Duel of Magic. Normal Match.

Mai Note: I'm really starting to feel like a bully as I write this... Sorry Hydra Foil!

Yes. Some of you might think my silly girl crush on Xanth Van Bokkelen is making me so very bias in my decision making... but you're wrong! Xanth, truly, sits on a pedestal of greatness. Week One - He Dominated. Week Three - He Dominated, and now Week Six - He Dominated. No other fighter this week could match the distance in score between Xanth and Juliane once the final round was called. So for a third week in Hydra, Xanth Van Bokkelen is named Fighter of the Week.

Mai Note: No, I did not fan-girl squeel when I wrote that... I swear.

Fighter of Week 6: XANTH VAN BOKKELEN

With Xanth's victory came yet another sweep for the Chemical Burn crew! This leaves them as the highest sweepers of Hydra with a sweep-score of THREE. The only other teams capable of pulling off a single sweep this season have been the Rock Hards and Team Fist... and the Rock Hard dream of possibly making that TWO was sadly destroyed by the victorious Team Fist this past week!

Week SEVEN begins today and it's Team Xan-.. I mean, Chemical Burn VS Team Fist!

Will Chemical Burn continue their blazing path to victory? Will Team Fist complete their come back journey from bottom of the pack to the winners of 2015 Hydra? Find out this week!

Fighter of the Week - Small Version

Week 1: Xanth
Week 2: Canaan
Week 3: Xanth
Week 4: Spider
Week 5: Eden
Week 6: Xanth

(( Be sure to check your RDI Profile! Icons will be sent out. ))

Yo! Nippon Ichi!
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Mai Shiranui
Junior Adventurer
Junior Adventurer

Joined: 15 Jul 2013
Posts: 7

Location: RhyDin, her new home away from home
318 Silver Nobles

PostPosted: Mon Aug 24, 2015 6:51 pm    Post subject: Shiranui Special: Finals Reply with quote




Royal Pain


Rock Hard

We're talking FINALS, baby! So the losing teams need not apply! All other teams are left in the mud while top competitors, Team Fist and Chemical Burn took the field this past Sunday!

Mai Note: Okay, maybe that's a little too mean...
Mai Note: But, whatever! There's winners and losers and we're talking about the grand winner of Hydra 2015 here!

Sunday. Sunday. Sunday. All the action of the final wee of Hydra fell on the same night. Matt and Lilith of Team Fist squaring off against Xanth the Unstoppable and Layla of Chemical Burn first. Matt started out on fire with a quick two point lead to zip, but Xanth fired back. In the magic ring, Lilith clearly dominated the match; but at times found herself outwitted by the freaky silent Layla. Back in the fist ring, Xanth and Matt found themselves at a tie - with both at three points - but it was Xanth who pulled ahead and took the match and bonus Wild Card points with his normal UNSTOPPABLE flair. Lilith, wanting to keep her Team Fist brethren in the game, finished off and gave Layla her first loss of the Hydra 2015 Season!

Mai Note: From what I saw, things got pretty toasty inside that magic ring at the end... Burning flesh isn't a very flattering smell.

Chemical Burn held the lead then. Team Fist needed a 5-3 win here. Without that, their vision of a comeback story would be tarnished. All captain Bile needed to do was take the match at any point score and the Villains of Hydra would walk away the winners of the season! But, something went wrong...

That something: Kheldar.

Kheldar, who had already suffered a humiliating defeat in swords by Skid earlier in the season, came out of the gate like a man on a mission. That mission: DESTROY Bile. At no time did Bile see the lead. Tonight was Kheldar's night to shine. The former Baron showed his true colors this Sunday and handily defeated Bile with the final score of 5-1.

Not only did Kheldar ensure a Team Fist victory in Hydra this year, but his stylish victory made him the BEST FIGHTER OF THE WEEK!

The comeback kids. The team that everyone counted out.

Team Fist Nation, and that loveable Wynn Whittaker, can raise their fist high and let out a cheer. TEAM FIST are the winners of HYDRA CUP 2015

But we're not through yet. With the crowning of the winners comes the choosing of this years MVP. While I'm not an official Hydra rep, this years race has clearly been won by the best of the best.

My choice for Hydra 2015 MVP is simple.



There's no competition. No other choice. Xanth is the Mai Shiranui Choice for MVP!

Mai Note: By all means! If you think I'm wrong, then go ahead and spout off a bunch of nonsense about why Xanth isn't obviously the king MVP of Hydra 2015.

Hydra Cup is over and now it's time for me to put down my pen (because Chun-Li is whining about V-Triggers again). See you all next year!


Yo! Nippon Ichi!
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