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PathFinder Challenge Night: Overgrowth

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PostPosted: Wed May 02, 2018 12:30 pm    Post subject: PathFinder Challenge Night: Overgrowth
Wed May 16, 2018 8:15 pm
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On Wednesday May 16th the Outback will be hosting an open challenge night for the Pathfinder Opal and you're invited! Any Emerald duelists who will be eligible to challenge on the night are invited to come take a swing at the current Opal holder Hope for their shot at the green rock. The standard calling shift begins at 8PM EST and at 8:15PM EST those present will be given a random number between 1-100 to determine the order in which they will fight. Anyone who shows up after 8:15PM EST will be added to the end of the queue. All challengers will have their own preference of the Outback's numerous rings that will undergo some transformation at the will of the Opal.

The Outback has stood the trial of time and has remained its position as Rhy'Din's loved gladiator sanctum since its inception. On May 16th it will continue that tradition even in the face of some... uncertain growths. Through the enigmatic powers of PathFinder the Outback will become a gateway to another fantasy. Is it showing us the future? An alternate reality? Or is it simply melding this world with another? Add this to the ongoing mysteries of the historic crown jewels of the scene but don't dwell too hard on it or you'll miss the action. Each of the Outback's iconic rings are undergoing some wild transformations.

Spanning overhead, aged thick roots have strewn across the Outback to form the familiar bridge. Albeit a bit more sturdy than before, it should still be fit for whomever wishes to take to its terrace and slug it out. Fighters should beware the slicked mud that has caked over the roots as occasionally you might find yourself breaking through at the wrong times. Just be careful to fall directly under it.

Beneath the Bridge overhead the pool has taken a more natural look. Moss has completely overgrown the concrete and phosphorescent lilly pads have taken to the water. Various fauna and trees have taken to the perimeter and a few friends now call the Pool home. Don't mind them while you're splashing about.

Life wouldn't be complete without a tight, claustrophobic space in which you can bludgeon your opponents into defeat. Of course when life runs its route, not everything remains encased in glass. Thick vines have grown to form the ideal cocoon which has housed many memorable fights in the past. Hopefully it won't start rolling away while in use.

Well... there's not a whole lot nature could have done to spice this up. If you've ever fallen in one hole you've probably fallen in every hole. Still, watch your step while you're perusing the lush green venue, you wouldn't want to accidentally tumble down there. It doesn't look like there's any easy ways out.

No, it's not a river. Overhead the Outback seems to be mostly in tact. Sprawling rafters have become homes to countless nests, plant life and at some places have become entirely undiscernible from the lush green that covered the ground. For fighters seeking a little more risk with their fights they can take to the Styx, with its vibrant décor and duke it out. Mind the plants please it is very difficult to maintain them at that height. Also don't jump, we're not sure how stable those are anymore.

What happens when you have a green house and it gets put on some steroids? The plant life has undergone radical growth and has taken on some new looks. Bioluminescent life has overtaken the ring and it should be expected that you will leave covered in glow. From the mesmerizing pools that have shaped the floor to the radiating greenery, it's a hard enough task to keep your focus when surrounded by the serene scene. Apparently there's a pineapple in there too, who knows what that looks like now.


((OOC: I would like to thank our DoF staff for letting me put this event together. There are a lot of fun ideas bouncing around and I'm hoping this can be a fun time for everyone, whether they want to challenge or just enjoy the setting and play it up. Kheldar has offered to call it and if anyone would be interested in lending a hand if it pops off I'm sure he'd appreciate it. I hope to see some people out for it and I hope you all enjoy it!))
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PostPosted: Wed May 16, 2018 9:53 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Eden won the right to be the first challenger of the night. After two well fought battles in the Pool and then the Can it ended up being the only challenge of the night. Eden defeats Hope 5-4 and 5-2 in two matches to become the next holder of PathFinder!
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PostPosted: Thu May 17, 2018 10:56 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Whew I'm glad this only went one challenge match. Thanks Eden, you saved me some dough. In accordance with rule 16 of the 93rd Diamond Rules, I'll send 1,000 silver by courier like... tonight or something.

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