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Rings of Honor
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Wednesday, Mar 4
Fists & Magic
8:00 pmmidnight ET
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Thursday, Mar 5
Duel of Swords
9:00 pmmidnight ET
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Friday, Mar 6
Fight Night (All Sports)
9:00 pm1:00 am ET
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FEB 26: Changes to Chat "Bad Words" Filter.

JAN 25: FlashChat is working again.

JAN 7: No Contacts Is No More.

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Citizens of the Old Market district are likely thanking their lucky stars that Deathlord's Minion wasn't able to wrest the barony away from Hope, who came out on top of a 5-3 one-shot duel!

Electing a one-shot duel, E defended the Dragon's Gate Barony in a narrow 5-4 victory!

In a swift one-shot challenge Claire defends the Old Temple from Erin's challenge!

Kimone Kidd, winner of the recent WLT, fought her way to two straight victories over Melanie Rostol in order to become the Duel of Swords' 100th Overlord! Congratulations to Kimone!

Choosing a best of three format, Myria Graziano defeated challenger Sabine in two straight duels to retain the Seaside Barony!

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"Ten" Documentary Released On Blu-Ray!
Filmmaker Tyler Peck concluded his episodic documentary "Ten", a comprehensive five month look into the tenth Opal reign of Harris D'Artaininan, two years ago to the day. And to celebrate this anniversary, for the first time ever, all eigh...
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RhyDin Rewind Presents: The Great Boy Band Search
RhyDin Rewind is looking to create the next boy band sensation to hit the RhyDin airwaves! Do you have some, limited, or no singing skill at all? More importantly. Are you HOT? I'm not talking just hot. The kind of hot I'm talking about is bein...
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Fashion Week 2015!
Rumors always run rampant among the city's fashion elite, but the latest juicy whispers circling about New Haven all point at a potentially cursed Fashion Week 2015. Between production delays, lost shipments, bickering over the week's schedule by the...
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Mardis Gras Bash & Dueling
Join Rhydin's resident and best Cajun for a post-Mardi Gras bash in the MARKETPLACE, Saturday the 21st at 8:00pm (RDI Side) Event Thread Here
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[DoG] The Battleground Repaired; Gun-Fighting Returns!
(In the year 36 A.N...) After the tragedy at the end of the first season of the Duel of Guns, where the cybernetic giant Gethmog trampled the Battleground and RDL Headquarters, killing many an innocent guardsman and destroying even more innocent prop...
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