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Rings of Honor
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Saturday, Nov 22
Fight Night (All Sports)
3:00 pm6:00 pm ET
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Saturday, Nov 22
Duel of Swords
8:30 pmmidnight ET
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Sunday, Nov 23
Fight Night (All Sports)
9:00 pm1:00 am ET
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Monday, Nov 24
Duel of Fists
8:00 pm11:00 pm ET
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With no test for the Renegade Baron of Seaside, Terry King knocked out thirteen rounds against Artemus Kurgen in a single shot duel for Overlord. It came down to sudden death but Artemus's epic slash was no match for King's high cut so Terry remains Overlord!

The intensity of three sudden death matches didn't shake Blue, as he beat Kimone 2 out of 3 duels to maintain his grip on MoonBeryl!

Hope's THREE for THREE! Hope adds another title to her list by becoming the newest Baron of Old Market! The Keeper of Fire better be sure not to drop that ring into Twilight Isle's volcano!

Jewell waded through a sea of 12 duelists in a swiss style speed dueling tournament to join current holder of MoonBeryl, Blue, as the second winner of The Golden Apple Grab Tournament!

Citing a desire to restore dignity to Dockside and remove the current baron, who he proclaims is a lover of "heavily salted and fat laden foodstuffs", Xanth will fight Napoleon Bonarat on Monday, November 17th at 9pm by the Eastern Clock! In anticipation of a potential win by the challenger, the local district library has instituted emergency preparations for immediate closure and defense of its tomes.

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Earn a Hope Diamond For The Children!
Compete in the Children's Charity Brawl on November 30th and you just might share in the joy of giving! Click here for more info!
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Devil's Night (and Day) at Old Temple!
Old Temple Baronial Manor will play host to a variety of family friendly activities on Thursday, October 30th starting at 10am. Pumpkin carving, face painting, and plenty of treats will be available for those who stop by. 18+ party starts an hour aft...
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Terry King's Brief Reign As Overlord Rife With Complaints!
Though she's only been Overlord a few days, Terry King's stint is already under fire by some of Rhydin's citizens! While their complaints may be better addressed to Ebon, Rhydin's newly elected Governor, King's bearing the brunt of the apparent diss...
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Reminder: Iron Fists Parade & Rally This Weekend!
Iron Fists Parade & Rally Parade Date: Sunday, 26 October 2014 Time: 5:00pm EST Location: Starting at the Outback and ending at the Iron Fists Garden Come out and watch the parade along any part of the route! Rally Date: Sunday...
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It is time to Vote for the Governor of Rhydin
A Vote for G'nort is a Vote for the Free Citizens of the Free City of Rhydin to remain, as it ever should be, Free. To place your Vote, Please do so _____here______
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