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Saturday, Sep 23
Fight Night (All Sports)
9:00 pm9:00 pm ET
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Sunday, Sep 24
Fight Night (All Sports)
9:00 pmmidnight ET
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Monday, Sep 25
Fight Night (All Sports)
9:00 pmmidnight ET
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Sports Headlines RSS - Sports Headlines

Coming out atop the recent All Ranks Tourney means that Clarie's the latest and greatest Keeper of Fire! Congratulations, Claire!

Fresh off defending her title against Rachael (WLT challenge prize), Myria Graziano's got another pending challenge, this time from Renegade Baron Maggie Harker! The challenge is valid and details are pending.

Aludariel's using the Overlord's Grant to challenge Sabine for Battlefield Park! The challenge is valid and details are pending.

Matt Simon, elder dueling statesman, defeated Hope to claim the New Haven Barony for his own. Word is there's much lamenting that Hope will no longer have control over the Manor's pool.

Facing Rachael Blackthorne, who selected the Overlord Challenge prize in the recent WLT, Myria Graziano defended her title in two straight duels!

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Overlord Challenge!
This Saturday in the Arena at 10ET on Rings of Honor, Rachael Blackthorne takes on current Overlord Myria Graziano in a title fight! Pick a side, pick your colors, and pick some snacks for this head-to-head challenge sure to keep the crowds in ent...
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Under the Sea Challenge Tonight!
Come to the Under the Sea Challenge for the Tower of Water tonight! Monday, July 17th at 11ET on Twilight Isle! See the full details here!
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Invasion Imminent!
There are suspicions that, at any time, some of RhyDinís favorite gathering spots could be invaded by groups of fae! Ever since the veil failed last week and the faerie wyldes sprang up around the city, assorted groups of fae (redcaps, trolls, or...
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Midsummer Mayhem: The Veil Has Failed!
The Summer Solstice was yesterday and disaster has struck RhyDin (or is this the coolest thing to ever happen in this boring town? The verdict is still out!). The veil between RhyDin and Faerie completely disappeared in places yesterday and has still...
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TOMORROW: Midsummer Party in the Park
Donít forget to come out and party to the Party in the Park tomorrow night to celebrate the upcoming summer solstice! Why sit at home where your air conditioning isnít working right and the TV only shows static because of the recent disruptions t...
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