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Monday, Sep 24
Fight Night (All Sports)
8:00 pm1:00 am ET
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Tuesday, Sep 25
Swords & Magic
8:00 pm1:00 am ET
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Wednesday, Sep 26
Duel of Fists
8:00 pm1:00 am ET
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After coming out on top of the recent two-participant WLT and selecting the Overlord Challenge prize, Matt Simon has become the Duel of Swords' Overlord for the second time in his career,(107, 114)! E selected a best-of-three event and handily won the first duel, 5-0 in 6 rounds. The second duel went 11 rounds, where Matt came out with the 5-4 win. In the final match, Matt took a 4-0 lead in 4 rounds and ended the fight with a trade in the 5th to claim victory. Congratulations to E on a six-month reign and to Matt for his most recent win!

In two fast and furious matches lasting a collective 14 rounds, Eden Parker defends her claim on the Celestial Citadel, leaving Matt Simon high and dry. At least he's still got the Tower of Air to go home to!

A relatively small collective of Mages graced the Isle for the August Archmage Tournament and when all was said and done, Matt Simon came out on top. His win gives him the right to challenge Eden Parker for the right to the Celestial Citadel. In a battle of old versus young, will Matt finally take home the last piece of the Triple Crown or will Eden continue her dominance? Details haven't been released but we're sure to find out soon!

What does winning an unprecedented 4th-in-a-row-Diamond-Quest mean? It means that Lilith will have been Diamond for a full year! Will she make it 5 for 5? We'll find out in a few months!

Current Arcanist Trial winner (and DoM All Title Holder) Xanth Van Bokkelen has thrown down the gauntlet and challenged Andu Kirost for the Tower of Water. Xanth cited Andu's approaching one year anniversary sans challenge as a reason for his test. The challenge has been accepted and details are pending!

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Reminder: Twin Wins Tonight!
(( Candytopia will be taking over the #annex channel on Rings of Discord. For more information on getting started with the Discord server, click here. Special thanks to Eden Parker for creating this poster! ))
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Candytopia is in Town!
Sunday afternoon posters popped up all over town announcing the arrival of Candytopia is a sweet treat and free play zone for the colorful, creative and childlike minds of Rhydin! It's a fun time for both kids, adults and families of all s...
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Dockside Dedication & Citizens' Day Carnival
Sarengrave House opening cancelled due to fire. DESMC Dedication still on track. New Pediatric Wing Named for Sports Star, Myria Graziano http://rdi.dragonsmark.com/forums/viewtopic.php?p=242198#242198
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2018 Citizens Day Events
Over the weekend of 7 September, 2018, the Citizens' Day Carnival will be held in Dockside. This and other events will be in conjunction with the grand opening of the Dockside Emergency Services and Medical Center. Sarengrave House will also be forma...
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2018 Gubernatorial Elections Coming Soon!
Candidates wanted! 2018 Gubernatorial Elections coming soon!
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