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Tuesday, May 30
Duel of Magic
9:00 pmmidnight ET
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Wednesday, May 31
Duel of Fists
8:00 pm11:00 pm ET
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Thursday, Jun 1
Duel of Swords
9:00 pmmidnight ET
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Thursday, Jun 1
Bounty Challenge for Old Temple
10:00 pm ET
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MAR 30: FlashChat to continue working through April.

MAR 22: Imminent Death of FlashChat (No Joke).

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Site News: FlashChat to continue working through April.

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Defeating challenger E in a best of three format, Jewell Ravenlock successfully defends the Overlord's Mantle for the fifth time since ascending to the seat! A 6th opportunity due to the 2017 DoS Madness Tournament challenge grant will likely come her way soon and if not, there's a Warlord's Tournament right around the corner!

The so-called "fight of the year" gave the fans everything they asked for, except perhaps the winner. After going up 2-0 in the first duel, Matt Simon found himself down 4-2 but came back to take the fight 5-4! Harris took a late lead in a hotly contested 2nd duel and tied the overall match with a 5-4 win! In the final duel, Matt jumped out to a 3-0 lead and claimed a 5-2 win to defend MoonBeryl. When the match concluded, fans stormed the Garden, throwing projectiles and setting blazes after overwhelming security personnel. The chaos spilled over into the Dragon's Gate district shortly thereafter, resulting in additional destruction. Exact damages and injuries remain unknown at this time.

In a match that saw Crunchem jump to an early 2-0 lead, Myria Graziano battled her way though the ogre and his giant tree to claim a 5-3 victory in 13 rounds, making her this year's winner of DoS Madness! Congratulations to Myria and the Wrecking Crew! Big thanks to this year's tournament promoters, organizers, and participants for another fantastic Madness event!

The 2017 DoS Madness Tournament comes to a close tonight (technically, tomorrow morning) at Midnight when 6th seed Crunchem from the Ramirez division faces 5th seed Myria Graziano from the Max division! Come out and support your favorite ogre or human and end Madness with a bang!

Citing his extended absence from the opal challenging circuit as well as the length of time since he last held the yellow rock, Harris D'Artainian threw down the gauntlet to challenge Matt Simon for what appears to be the pair's first ever opal challenge versus one another. In what may very well be the biggest fight of the year, the Iron Fists Garden has been tapped to host the challenge, which takes place this Sunday at 10 by the Eastern Clock. Get your tickets now!

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Saturday Sliders and Title Fight!
Tomorrow night, Saturday May 13 at 9ET head on down to the RDI Annex for a TITLE FIGHT event as Ekthbjlgke Smith, Baron of Dockside challenges The Empress Jewell Ravenlock for the title of OVERLORD! But don't just spectate! Get your duel on and enjo...
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Battle of Beltane!
Although the Meadowmeet is happening tonight, posters went up all over the city for the great Battle of Beltane taking place tomorrow night! The Battle of Beltane The Feygarten Saturday, May 6th 9:00pm RST Come out and choose your side: ...
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Riot At The Garden!
The Iron Fists Garden erupted after Matthew Simon defended MoonBeryl against Harris D'Artainian in 3 matches! The riot eventually spread to areas of the Dragon's Gate district adjacent to the stadium! Various degrees of property damage have been re...
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Beltane 2017 Isn't Over Yet!
Did you miss the crowning of the May Queen last night? Not to worry! There are many events to attend all week long. A place called The Feygarten opened up in Dragonís Gate today. Stop by one night for a cool drink! The faeries have invited the...
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The Feygarten
Rumors abound! Privacy fences have been erected around a large, abandoned lot in Dragonís Gate and locals say that a number of fae have been seen coming and going from the site. Those with windows overlooking the area claim there is some glamour obsc...
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