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Tuesday, Jul 26
Duel of Magic
9:00 pmmidnight ET
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Wednesday, Jul 27
Duel of Fists
8:00 pm11:00 pm ET
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Thursday, Jul 28
Duel of Swords
9:00 pmmidnight ET
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Lilith defeats Archmage Rachael in two straight duels this past Friday night to become Twilight Isle's newest Archmage. Should we be worried about forest fires?

From a pool of only two mages, the Isle's newest mage Lilith bested Xanth van Bokkelen in a best of three series to win the Archmage Tournament. She'll face Rachael on Friday at 10 ET to see who walks away with the Celestial Citadel.

After a single-shot 10 round duel, in which Claire apparently discharged at least one firearm, Sabine defeated Aya 5-2.5 to become the newest Baron of Battlefield Park!

Fighting Vaeluthil "Queen of All Bees" Whitevale who defended the ring after Ellisa Morgan vacated the Dragon's Gate Barony, Jewell Ravenlock made quick work of the appointed defender, coming out on top 5-1 in 5 rounds to take the barony!

Jewell came out on top of the Summer Cycle's Panther's Claw Tournament, with Kruger and Sal coming in right behind in 2nd and 3rd, respectively!

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Party on the Isle, This Tuesday!
To celebrate her ascension to Archmage, Lilith is throwing all of Twilight Isle a party on Tuesday evening starting at 9 PM RT (ET). The dueling rings will be open at that time and will stay open until midnight (queue closes at 11:30 PM) but the part...
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Battlefield Park Squire Tournament & Party
Tournament rules, sign up, and setting here! http://www.ringsofhonor.org/forums/viewtopic.php?p=177661#177661 Dress Up (Polyvore) Thread Here! http://www.ringsofhonor.org/forums/viewtopic.php?p=177663#177663
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Battle of the Baronesses!
Week Two of Hydra is underway and with it comes the Battle of the Baronesses! Hydra-Foil's Hope, Renegade Baroness of New Haven takes on Royal Pain's Jewell, Loyal Baroness of Dragon's Gate! The match is scheduled for Thursday @ 10 PM EST in the Aren...
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Block Party TONIGHT! (live event)
The Dragonís Gate Barony Block Party is tonight! New details were announced the other day: Not only will there be free booze and food, but the first person to beat The Empress in an armed fight will get to be the new Squire of Dragonís Gate! So...
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The Empress Wants YOU!
The Empress wants YOU as her squire! Think you have what it takes to be mentored by royalty? Come on down to the Dragonís Gate Barony Block Party on Monday to test your mettle! The first person to beat The Empress in an armed bout will beco...
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