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Rings of Honor
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Saturday, Jan 31
Fight Night (All Sports)
3:00 pm6:00 pm ET
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Saturday, Jan 31
The Midnight Sun Tournament (Beta Test)
8:00 pm ET
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Saturday, Jan 31
Duel of Swords
8:30 pmmidnight ET
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Sunday, Feb 1
Fight Night (All Sports)
9:00 pm1:00 am ET
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Monday, Feb 2
Duel of Fists
8:00 pm11:00 pm ET
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JAN 25: FlashChat is working again.

JAN 7: No Contacts Is No More.

NOV 26: Reminder to check account email address of record.

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With a single-match duel, Hope defended the Old Market barony against challenger Anubis Karos whose dreams of collaring the Baroness must be put on hold for a while.

After a single-bout match that took nearly a month to schedule and duel, Melanie Rostol took the Overlord's Mantle from Terry King who, upon becoming the Baron of Dragon's gate accordingly, retired the title. Standing barons have one week to declare their alignment to the new Overlord!

The Winter Cycle Talon of Redwin Tournament and special event date has been announced for February 8th. With a generous offering by the new baron of New Haven, the DoS staff are pleased to announce that the Squireship of New Haven will be offered as a prize to the second place duelist in the tournament!

Earlier this week, Senior Baron Jake Thrash attempted his 6th defense of the New Haven Barony in the past year and half! Streaking out to a surprising 4.5-0 lead after 6 rounds, Charlie Nine faltered just a step before sealing the one-match challenge in his favor to defeat Jake and claim the Barony! Will Charlie go Loyal since this challenge opportunity came about due to the Overlord's Grant? Or will he, holding title in two sports now, stand Renegade? We'll know shortly!

Coming out on top of a difficult field, Gren's notched his second career Diamond! Congratulations to Gren and good luck with the upcoming extra scrutiny from Tara!

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Talon Tournament -- Casino Royale Style
And so the plastering of flyers continued as the first of the February events was being announced! Thanks again to the player of Hope for assisting!
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DoS Presents: Fantastic February
Flyers were being put up on nearly every available surface around RhyDin. ((Even threads coming soon. Thank you to the player of Hope for creating the flyers for this!
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Outbreak of Gang Violence in Old Market
RhyDin’s Quick News Sunday, 25 January 2015 Headline: Outbreak of Gang Violence in Old Market Late last night, violence broke out on the streets of Old Market between the Fae Dynasty and the Sidhe Syndicate, prompted by the latter’s slaying of a...
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IFL PowerHouse Party Turns Into Team Fist Nation Celebration
16 duelers began the night vying for the Iron Fists League's top prize, the Kiowa Belt. Two men from Team Fist (Darik Warchild and Matt Simon) brawled their way into the Finals, ensuring Team Fist would secure the title for its ranks next season. T...
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Duel of Magic Team Event - Signups Open Now!
The Midnight Sun Tournament (Beta Test) ONE NIGHT ONLY Saturday January 31st, 8 PM ET Grab your friends because Twilight Isle is seeking 4 teams of 4 people each to take part in the magic team event to end all spell slinging team events. O...
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