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Rings of Honor
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Monday, Jan 16
Fight Night (All Sports)
9:00 pmmidnight ET
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Tuesday, Jan 17
Duel of Magic
9:00 pmmidnight ET
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Wednesday, Jan 18
Duel of Fists
8:00 pm11:00 pm ET
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Sports Headlines RSS - Sports Headlines

Shortly after being challenged by Jewell for PathFinder, Andrea returned the favor and challenged Jewell for Overlord!

Shortly after being eliminated from the DQ, Jewell challenged Apple for PathFinder, the green opal!

10 competitors, 1 winner! And this time, it's Claire, who trades in MoonBeryl for the Outback's top spot!

Eden made her first ever Duel of Magic challenge and Matt's Tower of Air is her target! Matt has accepted so stay tuned for details.

JC and KC defeated Koyliak and Matt, keeping hold of IceDancer and ShadoWeaver, respectively! Congratulations to the Chae siblings!

Town Crier RSS - Town Crier

A Special Event with Some Special Friends!
Announcing the first ever Pet Adoption Day and Fight Night, coming this Saturday 1/14 to the RDI Annex at 9 ET! Come for the duels, leave with your forever friend! DUEL Eden and DUEL Cane are pleased to welcome the Old Temple Animal Shelter ...
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Flyers Around Rhy'Din!
Multiple flyers were posted all around Rhy'Din with a logo and the text COMING SOON underneath.
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Holiday Open House At New Haven Manor
Flyers were tacked up and distributed all over town with the following message: Baroness Rachael Blackthorne, her husband Ian, and their family wish to extend the hospitality of the New Haven Baronial Manor to the public for the holidays. The ho...
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Pro-Human Protests and Sit-Ins
Starting tomorrow morning and lasting throughout the week (December 12th-15th) citizens may notice a series of protests and sit-ins organized by an active pro-human group taking place throughout the city. The protests are mainly happening outsid...
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Rand al'Tan and Valentina Mereliot no Eglantine to wed!
The invitations have been sent! The wedding is going to take place December 9 at sunset with a glorious celebration to follow, going throughout the night. Be a part of the action. Everybody will be there! Come and join the party! ((Please see thi...
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