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Rings of Honor
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Tuesday, May 31
Duel of Magic
9:00 pmmidnight ET
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Wednesday, Jun 1
Duel of Fists
8:00 pm11:00 pm ET
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Thursday, Jun 2
Duel of Swords
9:00 pmmidnight ET
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APR 7: DragonsMark account cloning tool is fixed.

MAR 26: Problems with DragonsMark account cloning tool.

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Next Wednesday (5/25) the Outback will host a No Loss night for all fighters in a rare promotion not seen since 2012! Plus, tacos! Mark your calendar so you don't miss out!

Harris' Diamond Days event continues this evening during the regularly scheduled DoF Shift.

A field of four meant a Round Robin style tournament to decide who would win the right to face incumbent Archmage Rachael Blackthorne for the Celestial Tower. Eden Parker steamrolled the competition and went undefeated on the night to win her first Archmage Tournament! Stay tuned for details on when Eden will face Rachael!

On Friday, Xanth and Bob met up to settle the score for the Tower of Earth. After two fast and furious duels, Bob rightfully claims the key for his own. No word yet on whether Ahni's mythical candy stash has been located.

Tonight (5/11) the Outback will feature Tag Team, Slugfest, and Unrestricted matches along with regular dueling! Brush up on the rules, grab a partner, and swing by for all the action!

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Pool Party Extravaganza!
Peaches, everyone's favorite "Cutest Caller 2014", and Terry "The Terror" King, invite everyone to come enjoy the start of summer at their new Seaside home! Sign up for the War of the Water Balloons or just enjoy some good...
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Shoe Slam & TRASH Present: The Roadside Tour
Flyers went up overnight to promote the newly announced coheadlining tour featuring Shoe Slam and TRASH. You've heard them on the radio and on the Rhydin Nights Original Movie Soundtrack now experience them live! As Rhydin gets ready for summer, Rhyd...
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Double DoF Challenge: Fire & Ice
Which challenge did you come to see? Choose a side! FIRE or ICE Black lights, face & body painting, fire breathers and jugglers, ice sculptures, Hibachi Dinners, Shaved Ice, make your own ice cream on the anti-griddle, r...
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Brave the Good Faeries' Ball!
Brave the Good Faeriesí Ball on Saturday! Also, donít forget that the Beltane Open Air Festival is taking place all week. ((Click here for the Good Faeries Ball event thread. This is a live event! Itís never too late to take part! ...
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Fires of Beltane 2016
Reminder: The Fires of Beltane is on Sunday! Come see the May Queen crowned! In addition, the Beltane Open Air Festival is taking place all week starting Sunday morning. ((Click here for the Fires of Beltane event thread. To keep ...
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