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Sunday, Apr 23
Fight Night (All Sports)
9:00 pmmidnight ET
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Sunday, Apr 23
Challenge for Dockside
10:00 pm ET
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Monday, Apr 24
Fight Night (All Sports)
9:00 pmmidnight ET
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Tuesday, Apr 25
Duel of Magic
9:00 pmmidnight ET
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MAR 30: FlashChat to continue working through April.

MAR 22: Imminent Death of FlashChat (No Joke).

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Site News: FlashChat to continue working through April.

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Dressed in nothing but body paint, Overlord Ravenlock fought without any backup or persons of honor. Showing she doesn't need anything to defend her title but her scepter. Literally. Best of Three was the format of the evening. The Overlord won in two straight. Baron Gabrielle put up one hell of a fight.

In a rapid-fire pair of duels, FireStar holder Charlie Nine defeated Jesse Toomanylastnamestolist. Jesse ends her reign at 722 days with 5 defenses and innumerable shenanigans. With his victory, all four towers are held by their corresponding opal holders, a feat not seen in recent history. Congratulations to Charlie and well reigned Jesse.

Storming back from the loser's bracker, Claire knocked around Matt Simon in the finals in order to claim her 2nd straight Diamond title! Congratulations to Claire and potential condolences to Matt and Koy, who welcome MoonBeryl back to the Simon household!

In three hard fought matches full of magic and booze, John Cole reclaimed the Celestial Tower from Eden Parker. On the upside, nobody died of alcohol poisoning that we know of! Congratulations John and well reigned Eden!

Charlie Nine has challenged Jesse Of The Many Last Names for the Tower of Fire. The challenge is valid but despite a bit of back and forth banter, a time and date have not yet been established. Keep an eye on the cork and see if Charlie can crack Jesse's defense streak or if his Pyro Master dreams will go up in smoke.

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The Meadowmeet
Prepare a booth if you dare, the faeries are opening their yearly Meadowmeet to the city of RhyDin for one day only! Sell, buy, barter, or just visit the large, open-air market on Friday, May 5th. Also, donít forget to vote for the May Queen ...
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The Fires of Beltane (2017)
The Fires of Beltane are coming. Date: Saturday, 29 April 2017 Time: 9:00pm RST Reminder: The last day to vote for the May Queen is Monday, April 24th. ((Check out the event thread for the Fires of Beltane here, written by the amazing...
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Easter Egg Hunt At New Haven Manor
Flyers were tacked up and distributed all over town with the following message: Baroness Rachael Blackthorne, her husband Ian, and their family wish to extend the hospitality of the New Haven Baronial Manor to the public for an Easter Egg Hunt. ...
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Children's Day 2017 - Schedule of Events!
Events will be held 11-15 April. Unless otherwise noted, they will be at the Rhydin Observatory Complex and Botanical Garden. Weather permitting, the ROCBG events will be outdoors. The RTS will provide transportation; group transportation is availabl...
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Beltane 2017 Schedule of Events!
The whole city is buzzing: posters have gone up with the preliminary schedule for Beltane! Saturday, April 29th: The Fires of Beltane Sunday, April 30th through Sunday, April 7th: The Feygarten Friday, May 5th: The Beltane Bazaar Satu...
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