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Wednesday, Apr 23
Duel of Fists
8:00 pmmidnight ET
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Thursday, Apr 24
Duel of Swords
9:00 pmmidnight ET
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Friday, Apr 25
Fight Night (All Sports)
9:00 pm1:00 am ET
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This Sunday (April 27th), it's time for the Panther's Claw tournament hosted by the winner of the last 2 tournaments, Napoleon Bonarat! 11 duelers have signed up so far - join them!

Lord Bile has issued challenge to Shadowlord for the Keepership of Fire! The match is valid and has been accepted but details are pending.

After rescinding her grant-challenge against Lilly Hyde and Seaside, Melanie's now targeting Jake Thrash and the New Haven barony. The challenge has not been validated nor accepted and match details are pending.

Jesse WhoKnowsWhatHerLastNameIsNow took the Archmage title from Claire Farron just a few months back. Now, Claire's poised to do the same after winning the latest Archmage Tournament! Jesse and Claire will battle it out on Wednesday, April 23rd at 11pm by the Eastern Clock. Will Jesse win back-to-back-toback titles or will Claire retake the Celestial Tower? Come to the Isle and find out in person!

With two-straight victories, Rakeesh Sah Tarna defended the green opal against Claire Farron. Congratulations to the linotaur on his defense!

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The One Word Saga Returns!
Just in time to celebrate the upcoming Beltane festivities, the RhyDin Rewind crew has brought back the community driven One Word Saga! Everyone is encouraged to contribute to the ever unfolding story, one word at a time! So head toward the KLIT-AM...
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Lá Bealtaine 2014: Itinerary
Out in all the local papers today and pinned on notice boards and doors across the city is RhyDin’s itinerary of events for Lá Bealtaine 2014. Friday, May 2nd (8:30pm EST): Fires of Beltane Saturday, May 3rd (8:30pm EST): May Day Ball Sunday...
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Beat Down Busted Up; Team Loses 2nd Member Inside of a Week!
Less than 12 weeks after joining Team Beat Down with the slogan "The Viper Strikes!", Melanie Rostol has officially left the team, cursing her former mates on her way out. Many view January 11th, the day Melanie signed on, as the beginning...
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Beat Down Down and Out? Terry King Leaves Team!
The recent cracks in Team Beat Down's solidarity have now widened into what may be an insurmountable chasm given Terry King's announcement that she's leaving the team. In recent weeks, Beat Down's made headline after headline with Melanie Rostol sen...
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Who Will Be Your Queen of May?
Shortly after the initial announcement regarding this year’s Beltane celebration, posters with locked ballot boxes have shown up scattered throughout the city: “Will you go a-maying, a-maying, a-maying Come and be my Queen of May and pluck the...
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