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Sunday, Feb 14
Fight Night (All Sports)
9:00 pmmidnight ET
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Monday, Feb 15
Fight Night (All Sports)
9:00 pmmidnight ET
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Tuesday, Feb 16
Duel of Magic
9:00 pmmidnight ET
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Having defended the Overlord's Mantle twice in recent weeks, Matt Simon now turns his attention to another 'elderly' dueler, Ekthbjlgke, who's the latest to come after the Arena's top title! The challenge is valid & acceptance and details are pending.

While perhaps not yet at the point of irreconcilable differences, Jewell and Kalamere do seem to have had too much of one another in too confined a space. The solution? Jewell obtaining her own roof and, apparently, going back to school! Or at least living at the one serving as the Dragon's Gate Baronial Manor...and as far as what G has to say about the whole thing, well, one imagines he won't part with the Manor, or his Baron's ring, without a fight!

Just prior to his challenge defense against Hope, Matt Simon gave the Overlord's Grant to Lirssa Sarengrave. Lirssa accepted and has challenged Maggie Harker for Old Market!

One of the Outback's Jade ranked duelers battled through the field to take home the Panther's Claw! Congratulations to the female whose name may or may not be: Shin!

Matt tried to test Hope in last night's Overlord challenge, but baby baron Maggie Harker once again ruined his plans and defeated Jewell 5-2 in the Right to Challenge fight. Hope got her shot, with an eye towards being a rare duelist to hold two top titles simultaneously, but Matt once more proved he doesn't really need the test of worthiness to keep his crown. With an exceptional circular parry in the 13th round, he completed a 5-3 defense to maintain the title.

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Busy Week of Events in the Works for Leap Week
To celebrate Leap Week next month (which starts on Leap Day: February 29, 2016) the city is planning to take a leap back in time every night! Many local restaurants will be serving breakfast at night all week. In addition, check out these specia...
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Iron Fist League Season 5 Finals: DRB vs. TMF!
Dirty: Black, in its inagural IFL season, will face Team Fist in the Seaon 5 Finals! (Team Fist made the finals back in Season 3 but met defeat at the hands of Jake Thrash & the Badside Brawlers). Check the IFL calendar for dates and times for ...
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1st Quarterly Meet & Greet!
TONIGHT! January 3, 2016! 9:00 PM RST! Come join all your favorite sports dueling referees, new and old, to help celebrate the start of the Winter Cycle and ring in the New Year at the First Quarterly Caller Meet & Greet! Bossman Dris and a v...
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Treehouse Tea House Now Open!
Have you been to the Treehouse Tea House on Twilight Isle yet? No? Well, why not!? Ahni has been hard at work making IFL team cakes and creating tea blends and possibly eating frosting when no one is looking! She's even added a few more items to ...
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Fire at Outback Brings Emergency Crews, No Damage Reported
Shortly after 11 PM on Tuesday night, emergency personnel were called to the Outback to investigate a fire alarm at the legendary dueling venue. The Outback's fire suppression system had seemingly taken care of the source of the alarm by the time the...
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