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Thursday, Oct 2
Duel of Swords
9:00 pmmidnight ET
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Friday, Oct 3
Fight Night (All Sports)
9:00 pm1:00 am ET
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Saturday, Oct 4
Fight Night (All Sports)
3:00 pm6:00 pm ET
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Saturday, Oct 4
Duel of Swords
8:30 pmmidnight ET
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AUG 31: Clone Dragon's Mark Account tool is fixed.

AUG 7: Issues with Clone Dragon's Mark Account tool.

JUL 15: Fixed chat logs.

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The newest holder of ShadoWeaver was crowned after a nine knockout filled tournament. Melanie was knocked into the losers bracket in the finals after a vicious knockout in two rounds by Hope; the Opals former holder! But she found her way and quickly returned the favor with a second round KO of her own in the Grand Finals! Congratulations Melanie!

On Sunday, September 14th at 9pm, the Outback will host a special Knockout Opal Tournament, the prize of which is ShadoWeaver, the black opal!

E and his many letters have challenged Rynieyn's Nemesis, Gren Blockman, for Overlord! They fight Thursday, September 18th at 9pm!

In a not unexpected challenge, Rhy'din's premier slaver opted to test Charlie Nine for the right to hold FireStar. Amidst a great deal of bad blood, the two fought three incredible duels, with Anubis winning the first duel by a score of 5-2 in 8 rounds, and Charlie taking the second 5-4 in 12, and the third 5-3 in 9!

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Keep up with all the Governor Hooplah
Call it nonsense, useless, interesting, exciting, or captivating, but whatever you call it, you can find out more about the Great Rhydin Governor Race Right Here! Just remember to Vote for G'nort, for None of the Above!
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Candidate Sighted Ahead, Captain!
It seems Candidate for Governor Skid has been sighted in the Marketplace lounging at an awkwardly placed table! When asked what he was up to, the Candidate reportedly replied with a resounding "...Nothing, really." This seems to be a...
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Election 2014, Thorn
A small press conference held outside one of the Dream Chasing centers. Print, radio, television, and whatever sort of social media Rhy'din boasted. The redneck in a pair of beat-to-hell boots, a well worn pair of jeans that fit like a second ski...
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Gubernatorial Statement from the None of the Above party.
A video, text, and printed statement was made for all to see. Made plain and simple and telling it like it is.
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Various Screens Usurped! Skid for Governor!? Why, Yes!
Broadcasting throughout the city, on any given number of television screens or holovids or trideo players or magical media broadcast spells at any given time, in any given place, was a little campaign runner. What appeared initially to be a commer...
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