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Sunday, Jul 23
Fight Night (All Sports)
9:00 pmmidnight ET
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Monday, Jul 24
Fight Night (All Sports)
9:00 pmmidnight ET
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Tuesday, Jul 25
Duel of Magic
9:00 pmmidnight ET
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Registration for the July Archmage Tournament is now open. Who will win the right to challenge Archmage John? It could be you! Sign up today!

In a two match upset, Andu Kirost trumped Jenny Chae in his first ever challenge! Congratulations, Andu!

In his first challenge on the Isle, Ring of Klytus holder Andu Kirost has called out Jin "Jenny" Chae for the Tower of Water, citing her challenge drought as reasoning. The challenge has been accepted but no firm date has been determined!

Anubis Karos, facing a queue of bounty-seeking challengers, elected a one-shot duel against the first challenger in line, Kalamere. Nine rounds after the match began, Kal rendered the queue academic as he defeated Anubis 5-3 to claim the Old Temple Barony!

Selecting a best of three format against WLT winner Jenny "Best Chae" Chae, Myria Graziano won the first two duels to defend the Arena's top title!

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Under the Sea Challenge Tonight!
Come to the Under the Sea Challenge for the Tower of Water tonight! Monday, July 17th at 11ET on Twilight Isle! See the full details here!
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Invasion Imminent!
There are suspicions that, at any time, some of RhyDinís favorite gathering spots could be invaded by groups of fae! Ever since the veil failed last week and the faerie wyldes sprang up around the city, assorted groups of fae (redcaps, trolls, or...
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Midsummer Mayhem: The Veil Has Failed!
The Summer Solstice was yesterday and disaster has struck RhyDin (or is this the coolest thing to ever happen in this boring town? The verdict is still out!). The veil between RhyDin and Faerie completely disappeared in places yesterday and has still...
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TOMORROW: Midsummer Party in the Park
Donít forget to come out and party to the Party in the Park tomorrow night to celebrate the upcoming summer solstice! Why sit at home where your air conditioning isnít working right and the TV only shows static because of the recent disruptions t...
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Fae Mischief
There have been reports of fae and faeries of all different sorts crossing into RhyDin in greater number this week. As a result, trouble is afoot! Pixies have been playing pranks and causing mischief and wishes have been granted with disastrous (or a...
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