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Rings of Honor
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Tuesday, Jan 16
Duel of Magic
9:00 pmmidnight ET
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Wednesday, Jan 17
Duel of Fists
8:00 pm11:00 pm ET
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Thursday, Jan 18
Duel of Swords
9:00 pmmidnight ET
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In a Round-Robin event, two duelers emerged from the field with a 4-1 record: Lilith & Matt Simon. Having already trounced Matt with a 5-1 victory earlier in the night, Lilith scored the final point in a Sudden Death Finals duel to take home her 2nd Diamond title in a row! As for Matt, he didn't go home empty handed as MoonBeryl was put back into rotation, having been without a holder for the past several weeks. Congratulations to Lilith!

Winning two straight matches, and the second by a 5-1 margin, KC keeps hold of ShadoWeaver against Matt Simon, who's now 0-2 in challenges against KC for the black opal!

Using the Overlord's Grant bestowed upon her by Terry King, Lilith has challenged Kalamere for the Old Temple barony. The match takes place tonight (January 4) at 10pm by the Eastern Clock!

Four days remain for you to try your hand at Magic combat with no risk! Losses are automatically wiped until December 31st so make sure to take advantage of this generous offer by the DoM staff! And to sweeten the pot, there's even an additional prize on the line!

Terry King became the hurdle that Myria Graziano, who'd turned the 2-17 DoS Madness tournament win into the Overlord's Mantle, couldn't quite clear. In a one-shot duel that was bolstered by plenty of charitable contributions from the duelers as well as several members of the dueling community, King came out on top to take her 2nd Overlord title! Congratulations to the 112th Overlord!

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Overlord Squire Tournament
A one week dueling event to see who becomes the next Overlord squire! Find out more details on the cork! http://www.ringsofhonor.org/forums/viewtopic.php?t=31091
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Voting for City Emergency Service Improvements
A vote is being taken at the Governor's Office to decide which of five districts is most in need of having its emergency services equipment and facilities upgraded. Services include Fire Brigades, Watch Stations, Disaster Relief Team, and Urgent Care...
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Yule Ball Tonight! 17 Dec 2017 9PM ET
((Setting, menu, etc. here and Fashion thread here))
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Winterfest: Create a Date Auction
Come one, come all to the Create a Date Auction! Sign up here! More of a bidder or spectator? We'll see you at the auction! We're hiring an auctioneer and bid tracker! Apply here.
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Dueling Appreciation Week Prizes
During 2017's Dueling Appreciation Week, 12 November - 18 November, purses were offered for the most wins in each sport and for the most duels logged on the standings. Winners are as follows: Swords: Ekthbjlgke Smith with two wins. - Prize claime...
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