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Friday, May 25
Fight Night (All Sports)
9:00 pmmidnight ET
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Saturday, May 26
Fight Night (All Sports)
9:00 pm9:00 pm ET
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Sunday, May 27
Fight Night (All Sports)
9:00 pmmidnight ET
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One night after wresting PathFinder away from Hope, Eden takes the Dragon's Gate Barony from Claire, who'd held the title for nearly 20 months!

Perhaps wanting extra coin or a backrub (you never can tell), Andrea "Apple" Anderson challenged Dizzy Flores for the blue opal but the incumbent defended IceDancer in two straight duels!

In the open challenge night for PathFinder, Eden was the first and last dueler to step into the ring against Hope. Winning two of two duels, Eden brought the night to an end and becomes the newest holder of the green opal!

The next two weekends should prove to be full of stabbing and prizes and all duelists are encouraged to sign up for one tournament or the other. On Sunday, May 13th, the Arena will host the Spring Talon tournament, open to all duelists under the rank of Warlord. The following Sunday, May 20th, the Warlord Tournament will take place. Among prizes on the line; the Lost Memento, a test free Overlord challenge grant, and the Old Temple baronial ring! Head to the Arena cork to sign up today!

Coming off 5-1 Final Four victories, both Ekthbjlgke Smith and Myria Graziano met in the 2018 DoS Madness Finals last night. E controlled the duel all the way through and defeated Myria, the 2017 Madness champion, 5-1.5 to claim victory in this year's event! Congratulations to E!

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Beltane Isn't Over
Missed the Fires of Beltane? Worry not! There is still more fun to be had. Starting tonight and running through until the sun rises on Wednesday morning is the Full Moon Market in the Devil’s Dell. On Monday night, fight it out in the...
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The Fires of Beltane 2018
“Sometimes, what's left behind can grow better than the generation before... if given the chance.” The most anticipated event of the year is upon us… Come hand in hand with me Together we dance We dance around the fires The Fires o...
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A Muddy May Day Brawl
The Great Stag is king of the forest The horns on his head proclaim his majesty He is fast, faster than all others He is both powerful and agile The Great Stag can defeat any opponent The tournament to crown a new Great Stag is BACK! ...
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Call-Out Night at the Hold
Got a grudge with someone? Want to see if you can best your friend? Call them out for a fight and settle it once and for all at the Hold. This Saturday, April 21 at 9ET, the Hold will be hosting its very first Call-Out Night. See all the ...
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Children's Day Events: 14 April!
Beginning at noon on Saturday, the festival for Children's Day 2018 will begin! Bring the whole family out for food, games, and fun. This year, we not only celebrate the children of Rhydin, but the life of Lirssa Sarengrave al-amat, who helped many o...
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