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Wednesday, Jul 30
Fists & Magic
8:00 pmmidnight ET
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Thursday, Jul 31
Duel of Swords
9:00 pmmidnight ET
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Thursday, Jul 31
Challenge for the Tower of Fire
11:00 pm ET
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Friday, Aug 1
Fight Night (All Sports)
9:00 pm1:00 am ET
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JUL 15: Fixed chat logs.

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Coming out on top of a 10-person tournament, Jin Chae lay claim to IceDancer after the Outback's fists-only Tournament & Waltz! Though Charlie Nine came close and did hand Jin her only loss on the night in the 1st duel of the Finals, Jin battled back and won the 2nd duel to take home the blue opal!

Whatever her name - Nobody, Hope, or otherwise - the challenger bested Nayun in 3 duels to lay claim to the black opal!

With Morgan choosing Teagan to test Terry King, Aya stepped in on the Warlord's behalf. Teagan defeated Aya and then Terry, meaning Morgan remains Overlord!

On Sunday, August 10th at 8pm, the Arena will host this cycle's Warlord Tournament! Signups are open!

On Saturday, August 2nd at 8pm by the Eastern Clock, the Arena will look to award the Talon of Redwin! Remember, you must be ranked below Warlord to enter; signups are open!

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Dryad Infestation!
A vast assortment of tree nymphs have been spotted congregating around the golden apple tree located just outside the Outback. Many have filtered into the establishment itself and the surrounding buildings, with some going to great lengths to menace...
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Vendors Needed!
Discreet flyers have been posted in certain key areas of Rhy'din bearing the Dream Chasing logo: The Dream Chasing Foundation is looking for vendors, distillers, brewers, vintner, 'shiners, blenders, chefs, bakers and craftsmen alike for an event ...
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The Golden Apple Tree
Outback patrons have recently reported the sprouting of a massive tree just outside the entrance of the establishment. This great floral monolith bears clusters of golden fruit, though attempts thus far to poach apples from the tree have all failed....
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Senile Simon or Crafty Colonel?
With the recent release of the "Murder Management" album by the Ded-Heads, few anticipated Matt Simon so fully embracing the record, its merchandise and "The Matt Simon Song" which does little but chastise anyone and everyone for ...
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Twilight Island Rejoices at Jesse's Departure?
Goblins, animals and aura-scenters have all reported strange happenings on Twilight Isle. These series of occurrences are too linked to be happenstance and began just about the time Jesse vacated the Celestial Tower. Sapling trees sprung from nowhe...
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