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Saturday, Oct 21
Fight Night (All Sports)
9:00 pm9:00 pm ET
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Sunday, Oct 22
Fight Night (All Sports)
9:00 pmmidnight ET
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Monday, Oct 23
Fight Night (All Sports)
9:00 pmmidnight ET
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After a one year hiatus, the Iron Fists League has returned. Complete with a newly renovated IFL Garden arena, the league is re-opened for business and looking for prospective teams to fill out the schedule. Fighters of all levels are encouraged to form up, nominate a captain, and get involved in the brawling. Team registration is open from now through October 25th with expectation to begin the season on October 30th.

After 3 duels (including a shutout win), John Cole stomped all over Vinny's aspirations to ascend to the Celestial Tower and retains the title of ArchMage!

In a quick one-shot duel against Renegade Baron Maggie Harker, Myria Graziano came out on top of the Sudden Death score to defend her title!

Vinny, winner of the most recent AMT, and John Cole will face off for the Isle's top title this coming Sunday at 9!

Registration for the October Archmage Tournament is now open. Who will win the right to challenge Archmage John? It could be you! Sign up today!

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The Masquerade Brawl
Wednesday, October 25th...
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2017 Gubernatorial Cage Match Pre-Game Party
Added to the posters, was the event date, 30 Sept. 2017. (( The Party is a board/vapored event details here. The Cage Match is a live event hosted by Claire Gallows details are here. ))
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Overlord Challenge!
This Saturday in the Arena at 10ET on Rings of Honor, Rachael Blackthorne takes on current Overlord Myria Graziano in a title fight! Pick a side, pick your colors, and pick some snacks for this head-to-head challenge sure to keep the crowds in ent...
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Under the Sea Challenge Tonight!
Come to the Under the Sea Challenge for the Tower of Water tonight! Monday, July 17th at 11ET on Twilight Isle! See the full details here!
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Invasion Imminent!
There are suspicions that, at any time, some of RhyDin’s favorite gathering spots could be invaded by groups of fae! Ever since the veil failed last week and the faerie wyldes sprang up around the city, assorted groups of fae (redcaps, trolls, or...
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